• Philosophy


noax Technologies actively shapes partnerships for the benefit of end customers and partners. Our core values include security and reliability among others. Every successful partnership is based on mutual trust, respect and the joint creation of added value. We therefore define partnership as the engine for mutual success and growth as well as the generator of new ideas and solutions.

Professionalism, quality and effectiveness are the hallmarks of the noax partner program. The basis of our collective work is defined by:

  • Highest possible customer satisfaction
  • Professional business strategies
  • Clear goal-orientation with the will to implement
  • Transparency and uniformity

Commitment / loyalty / active support

We see a successful partnership as an interactive system. First, this flexible form of cooperation between noax and its partner companies guarantees a constant exchange of information and maximum performance. It enables us to offer the optimal solution for the highest level of customer satisfaction anywhere at any time. New customer acquisition, creation of added value, closely networked contacts and stability through our partners –we can achieve these goals through partnerships.

Our noax partner program, which includes high-quality products and comprehensive services, is not only a vision, but a demand that we place on ourselves.

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