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noax IP65 (NEMA 4) fanless industrial PC

The Compact series: The all-purpose PC

Compact, rugged, completely sealed - this is the C series! Ideal for extreme conditions in logistics, production, agriculture or tunnel construction. Our IP65 (NEMA 4) fanless industrial PC from the Compact Series are used in a multitude of industries: from automobile manufacturing to tunnel construction and cement making. The rugged all-purpose computers reliably perform the most diverse tasks, such as recording operational and machine data, supporting personnel planning, streamlining order picking, controlling machines and visualizing production processes. Regardless of whether they are set up as a desktop or are used on the go in vehicles, noax IP65 (NEMA 4) industrial terminals from the Compact Series can be adapted to almost any environment.

As a standard feature, our IP65 (NEMA 4) fanless industrial computer from the C series are equipped with high-contrast and extremely durable TFT displays for industrial applications. They guarantee optimal readability even under the worst conditions. Furthermore, the integrated, resistive touch panel displays are easy and safe to operate – even while wearing protective gloves. Our fanless industrial computer from the C series come with screens in sizes of 12" and 15".

Diagonal screen sizes of

Protection class
up to IP65 (NEMA 4)


Touch display with
on-screen keyboard

industrial design

Low power consumption

No external fans

Shock and

Automatic brightness

Sun and heat-resistant

Cold and frost-resistant

Dust and dirt-resistant

Monitoring by

DIO module start function


Freely programmable function keys


Up to 8 GB
working memory



Intel chips and processors



Available as a
Thin Client

fanless industrial PC -

fanless industrial PC - C15


fanless industrial PC - C19


Case studies:

Reliability where it counts

The weather-resistant, environmentally sealed IP65 (NEMA 4) rated noax computers with heavy-duty cast aluminum casings, give Layne Bencor the confidence they need to keep their projects running on schedule and on budget. more

20 percent more performance

The company relies on Industrial PCs from noax to keep its operative processes streamlined, reliable, and reproducible. The noax IPCs and the turning and milling centers work together in a way which allows the company to increase its production performance considerably and to successfully hold its… more

System stability

"It is very important for us that the computers always run properly, especially here in quality assurance. ...That's why we need computers here that can cope with the workloads and function as reliably and failure-free as possible. noax PCs have not disappointed us in this regard." more

Warehouse logistics

"because we depend on modern IT, the hardware and software systems we use have to meet special quality demands." more


All noax computers meet protection class IP65 (NEMA 4). One factor that Gropper places great value on is the fact that IPCs are routinely pressure-cleaned with disinfectants and are constantly exposed to steam, spray water, and additional powdered substances. more


"Vibrations and shaking from the machine all day, not to mention the dirt. The computer is right next to the machine and runs no problem at all. I am constantly astounded." more

Extreme environments

"We need extremely robust computer systems particularly designed for extreme environments that users can also operate error-free while wearing thick work gloves. …We originally had several industrial PCs to choose from,..." more

50 Celsius plus ...

"We were in the market for computers to be used in the production area right next to the extrusion machine. ... The hardware operated flawlessly, even on our forklift trucks and side loaders. The stresses caused by shocks and vibrations are considerable on these machines." more

No problems

"The people here in production do not exactly handle the computers gingerly. Nevertheless, all of the PCs have functioned flawlessly so far." more

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Best suited for
warehouse; production

Order picking
Recording time and attendance
Assuring quality
Controlling machines
Visualizing processes
Navigating vehicles

Also available as

Industrial Thin Clients (8-19")
Rugged and reliable, completely sealed, up to IP67

Weighing terminal
With only one system: Weighing, measuring, ...