noax IPC heating

Operational reliability in the extended temperature range

With the ingenious and intelligent heating system, you can use our noax industrial PCs even in the extended temperature range up to -30°C with complete confidence. Thanks to the powerful and energy-efficient heating system, the industrial PC can be started and brought up to operating temperature in only 5 minutes. Once reached, nothing else is in the way of its use outside or in cold storage

Electronically controlled, permanently monitored heating gives noax IPCs maximum operational reliability.

The heating system is electronically controlled, monitored and individually adjustable. A temperature sensor in the industrial PC constantly checks the outside temperature and compares these results with the inside temperature figures. If the temperature parameters drop to a critical level, the heating automatically switches on and the IPC is heated up to the necessary operating temperature. Once this is achieved, the heating turns off on its own. This process repeats itself as often as necessary. This "intelligent system" prevents the computer from being operated at temperatures that are too low or too high. This prevents the sensitive IPC electronic components from being ruined or their service life being considerably reduced. For example, the service life of a display screen can be reduced by up to 5% by switching it on just once when the actual temperature is below that of the component's specified temperature, usually under 0°C.

Heating monitoring and continuous control through the noax microcontroller unit (MCU-Setup)

A single software tool, the noax microcontroller unit (MCU setup), which already controls the fan speed or the background lighting of the IPC, now also enables the most diverse parameters in the heating system to be individually adjusted and monitored. This means that the user can choose between the autostart function and the heating's manual startup. Or the heating can be completely deactivated in order to save the battery charge in the summer months. Critical operating conditions are displayed and a noax industrial PC shuts the PC down properly. Each of the processes are accompanied by clear visual and acoustic signals via the display elements on the foil keyboard. The user-friendliness of the noax industrial PC is most clearly demonstrated in its high acceptance among users.

Our noax Service technicians would be happy to add the new heating system to your computer.

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