noax microcontroller

Integrated system monitoring - the advantage of operational reliability

Built-in reliability - there is such a thing because our industrial PCs are standardly equipped with the noax microcontroller. This controller automatically assumes numerous monitoring and control functions, for example, it controls the operating temperature and monitors the voltage. The microcontroller makes the user's work easy, increases operational reliability of the industrial PC and thus ensures greater system stability in machines and plants. The user-friendly Windows mask enables operating conditions, for example, voltage, temperature, or background lighting to be individually adjusted and controlled. In the case of critical operating conditions, a warning note appears before the automatic shut-off feature in the noax industrial PC is activated which properly shuts down the computer.

The noax microcontroller is a standard component in all noax industrial PCs, thus ensuring greater reliability by:

  • Monitoring the input voltage
  • Monitoring the board-typical voltages (Core, 5V,12V...)
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Controlling the background lighting
  • Displaying operating conditions

Windows setup program

The Windows setup program allows you to conveniently and transparently configure all functions in the microcontroller unit. In addition, the program displays all voltages and temperatures in the industrial PC.

The Windows setup program is available to download in the service area under "download."

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