IP67 (NEMA 6) / IP69K Rated Industrial Computers

noax Industrial PCs with protection class rating IP67 or IP69k (NEMA 6)

The Steel Series – The Hygiene Specialist

noax Steel Series industrial computers are completely sealed, water-resistant, and absolutely rugged.  When hygiene is your company’s highest priority, our IP67 (NEMA 6) or IP69K industrial computers are the ideal solution. Our Steel Series PCs are idea in food processing, cold storage, pharamaceuticals, or any harsh environment.  Our industrial computers do not have any joints between the touchscreen display and the housing.  Thanks to its sealed design and its protection rating of IP67 (NEMA 6) or IP69k, all industiral grade components inside the computer are protected.  Regardless of dust, water, high-pressure washdowns (up to 1450 PSI) or disinfecants – noax Industrial PCs can endure any type of environment!   If hygiene is your concern, noax industrial computers can be easily cleaned so that bacteria does not stand a chance!  These waterproof computers are easy to operate using the resistive touchscreen, even if wearing  gloves.  The bright TFT display guarantees optimal readability, even under poor conditions.  noax Industrial PCs from the Steel Series come in different sizes from a convenient 12” to the compact 15” and the larger 19” Industrial PCs.

Diagonal screen sizes of

Protection class
IP67 (NEMA 6); IP69k

V2A stainless steel

Touch display with
on-screen keyboard

industrial design

Low power consumption

No external fans

Shock and

Automatic brightness

Sun and heat-resistant

Cold and frost-resistant

Dust and dirt-resistant

Monitoring by

DIO module start function


Freely programmable function keys


Up to 8 GB
working memory



Intel chips and processors



Available as a
Thin Client

noax IP65 (NEMA 4)
Computer S12

noax IP67 (NEMA 6) /IP69k
Computer S15

noax IP67 (NEMA 6) / IP69k
Computer S19


Case studies:

Tracking the Path to Productivity

Whether scaloppini, parmiginiana or wiener schnitzel, veal has been among the most prized ingredients in cooking since ancient times and continues to be a staple in French and Italian cuisines today. With its French heritage, the Canadian province of Quebec is a major consumer of veal. With the help more

24 V Option

"Thanks to the 24 V option, noax IPCs are highly compatible with any machine environment. … I don't have much to say about noax Service because we simply haven't needed to use it yet." more


"We have even opened the PCs up and checked their internal components. This demonstrated to us the benefits of a manufacturer with proprietary components: The high quality installation of the internal components in noax computers was impressive. In this regard, the competition did not measure up." more


"We simply wanted computers that functioned continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Availability is our top priority. If a computer malfunctions, it costs us much more than we paid for the computer. … more

High pressure

This means that the machines, including noax IPCs, are routinely hosed down with water and cleaning agents under high pressure. This does not harm the computers due to their completely sealed design. This also includes all connections more

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