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Weight information recorded quickly, stored immediately, and easily traced

Weighing terminals from noax offers the benefits of electronic scales and the rugged Industrial PC combined.   You can easily enter information using the touchscreen display making it straight forward  and simple to use. Together with the Swedish company Flintec GmbH Deutschland, one of the world's leading manufacturers of weighing systems, noax has developed the weighing software and its exclusive interface.

The integrated weighing interface ensures that the weight data is directly and reliably forwarded to the Industrial PC.  All settings are adjusted via the touchscreen with the aid of Windows-based software.  The Industrial PC functions as a central control and processing unit, all data can be immediately processed and transferred to higher-ranking systems.


The interfaces in particular allow for flexible options. For example, you can connect up to two load carriers with DMS weighing cells including support scales, single track scales, in-floor scales, or vehicle scales to the IPC using the special Windows-based interface.

The weighing terminal comes in both a calibratible and non-calibratible version in which the calibratible version has an alibi memory specified by the calibration authorities. This enables you to trace all registered data records over a period of years.

You have the option of using the weighing terminal as a single or multi-area scale as well as a high resolution multi-interval scale. Furthermore, you can select between different designs and models, like the built-in computer for control consoles or control cabinets, the rugged aluminum computer with the benefits of the noax Compact series or the stainless steel device applications that have high hygiene demands.

Rugged and reliable

The weighing terminal is water-resistant up to IP69k, depending on the connector protection. All noax industrial computers and accessories are built to withstand vibration and operate on a 24-hour schedule.  They function under sudden temperature changes, extreme temperatures, high humidity, and cleaning disinfectants. An additional benefit is their distinctly efficient power consumption. The noax weighing terminal and Industrial PCs require only one-tenth of the energy required by a conventional Industrial PC. Due to their rugged design, efficient power consumption and application flexibility, the noax industrial weighing terminal can be used in many diverse environments, including automobile manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical production as well as food processing.

Summary of features

  • Alibi Memory
  • Tracing
  • Vibration protection
  • Low power consumption
  • Extended temperature range
  • 2 separate weighing channels, Windows-based software interface
  • 24/7/365 (usage configuration)
  • Food-safe seals
  • High protection class IP65 (NEMA 4), IP67 (NEMA 6) to IP69k

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