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Whether scaloppini, parmiginiana or wiener schnitzel, veal has been among the most prized ingredients in cooking since ancient times and continues to be a staple in French and Italian cuisines today. With its French heritage, the Canadian province of Quebec is a major consumer of veal. With the help more



extreme environment

“noax units offer much more …This translates to immense savings due to increased efficiency and reductions in customer product claims”. more

extreme temperatures

“After all of the torture testing I told my boss I wanted noax computers. -

Since we started using noax computers, we have seen our computer downtime drop by 80%.”


24 V Option

"Thanks to the 24 V option, noax IPCs are highly compatible with any machine environment. … I don't have much to say about noax Service because we simply haven't needed to use it yet." more

Warehouse logistics

"because we depend on modern IT, the hardware and software systems we use have to meet special quality demands." more

High pressure

This means that the machines, including noax IPCs, are routinely hosed down with water and cleaning agents under high pressure. This does not harm the computers due to their completely sealed design. This also includes all connections more


All noax computers meet protection class IP65 (NEMA 4). One factor that Gropper places great value on is the fact that IPCs are routinely pressure-cleaned with disinfectants and are constantly exposed to steam, spray water, and additional powdered substances. more


"We have even opened the PCs up and checked their internal components. This demonstrated to us the benefits of a manufacturer with proprietary components: The high quality installation of the internal components in noax computers was impressive. In this regard, the competition did not measure up." more

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