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Industrial PCs from noax prove their performance capability on a daily basis under the most difficult conditions. You will find only a small number from our customer list on the map each with the job site of our computers. These customers have been kind enough to permit us to conduct a case study on their company. Others have given us a testimonial. We would be happy to include your company's name as an additional reference from your industry or region. Please fill out the contact form.

  • Testimonials Deutschland

  • Testimonials Frankreich

  • Testimonials Italien

  • Testimonials Kanada

    • Ecolait
    • Olymel
    • Silver Hills
  • Testimonials Litauen

    • UAB Utenos Mesa
  • Testimonials Österreich

    • voestalpine
  • Testimonials Schweiz

    • Bell AG
  • Testimonials Tschechien

    • Mitas a.s.
  • Testimonials USA

    • Brakebush
    • CDC Software
    • Glacier Fish Company
    • Quest Service Labs
    • Timken

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