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Rugged Industrial Computer

for exceptionally demanding applications

Rugged noax industrial PCs

Engineered for harsh industrial conditions: heat, cold, quartz & iron dust, and more

The harsh conditions in mining and tunnel construction are almost unparalleled in any other industry: aggressive dust particles in the air, extreme fluctuations in the ambient temperatures, high air pressure, humidity, and permanent moisture. An example of the constant stress that electronic devices are under is when they are used in the harsh conditions on specialized machines in mining and tunnel construction. The constant vibrations and shocks pose a particular challenge. noax industrial PCs are specifically designed for this type of application in extreme conditions. This is where our PCs prove their capabilities, as you can reliably capture and visualize data, or optimize logistical processes, using our rugged industrial computers.

The well-thought out industrial PC design comprises not only high-quality components, but also a rugged and completely-sealed housing. It has no slots or external fans. The interior of the extremely rugged industrial computer, along with its electronic components, are continuously protected against water, dust, dirt, and other contaminants. Metal springs for the circuit board and electronic components, and avoiding wire harnesses wherever possible, offer additional reliability when it comes to continuous vibrations and shaking. Special connector covers protect internal high-tech components against the penetration of liquids or dust particles. These features give our rugged industrial computers the operational reliability and system stability that you expect from investing in a high-quality industrial computer.

All noax industrial PCs are equipped with razor-sharp resolution touchscreens. Data, graphics, and control elements are very easy to read, even in poor or fluctuating lighting conditions.

The touch panel ensures the PC is very easy to use, even with bare hands or with protective or work gloves. Due to the intelligent design and the use of high-quality industrial components, you can use our extremely rugged industrial computers in heavy-duty transporters or in mining and tunneling machines. Whether above ground or underground, noax industrial computers function with absolute reliability. Our many users can confirm this with utmost conviction.

The well-thought out industrial PC design

Fully sealed on all sides (IP65 to IP69K)

noax industrial computers can withstand particularly challenging environments, and showcase their quality in daily use. Whether its dust, oil, water, or other contaminants, noax industrial PCs are fully protected and meet the requirements for protection classes IP65 to IP69K, as tested by external institutions. They can tolerate high-pressure cleaning with hot water and chemicals in the food industry, as well as dirty and dusty environments in extreme applications, such as in tire or tunnel construction.

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Extended temperature range from -22°F to 131°F

Whether it’s capturing operating data from blast furnaces, order picking in refrigerated warehouses, or ensuring tracing in a smoking chamber – many computers fail when used under extreme conditions. Many industries depend on hardware that also reliably supports internal operating processes in extreme heat or cold. For these types of applications, noax offers an optional extended temperature range for our industrial PCs. For PCs with this extension, noax guarantees reliable operation in a temperature range between -22°F and 131°F.

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Shock and vibration-resistant

Rough terrain, bumpy ground – is this your daily work environment? If so, the rugged noax industrial computers are perfect for you. The exclusive use of high-quality industrial components and specialized mounting of plugs and other components, ensure a high level of vibration and shock resistance. When working in the field or during underground tunnel construction in particular, very high demands are placed on hardware in terms of the compressed air, temperature, moisture, and vibrations. For many years, our clients have trusted the reliable noax industrial computers,, often during 24/7, continuous work.

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