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“Industry 4.0” – industrial PCs

for sustainable development and expansion of your smart factory

The Industry 4.0 solution: Industrial PCs with PCAP technology for your smart factory

noax industrial PCs support the digitization and networking of production

Industry 4.0 – production processes in which people, machines, and tools work in real time in an intelligently linked network in any location. noax industrial PCs support this development in the production structure. The full process chain from design to installation on machines can be united in a digitized circuit. Data is continuously available, even in the workshop. Production data is relayed to the planning level in real time, without failures or media disruption. In addition to other benefits, collecting and analyzing data make it possible to react to deviations from the plan immediately. Production employees are given the right information at the right time and in the right place.

noax industrial PCs function as collection, information, and visualization terminals, and provide enormous added value to day-to-day production: They capture reliable and continuous feedback to be processed in production planning and ERP systems. They are also a necessary requirement for the step-by-step development of a factory 4.0/smart factory. They guarantee process security, increase data consistency, and in doing so, fill the gaps during the process. With their high-performing motherboard, numerous interfaces, and wireless connectivity, noax industrial PCs are the perfect foundation for modern, networked production. They support processes in real time and ensure a seamless visualization, with the aim of implementing intelligent, industry 4.0 technologies.. This creates self-controlling, self-regulating processes, and developing reproducible workflows in order to produce faster and more efficiently.


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New PCAP technology for the smart factory

The intelligent PCAP (projected capacitive) technology has been perfected for industrial application, allowing multi-touch industrial computers to be used in practice for the first time, even in challenging industrial environments. The precise multi-touch technology and an intuitive smartphone-based swipe function allow the user to edit CAD drawings, images, 3D models, etc. more quickly and efficiently. A unique feature is the ability to operate the system wearing gloves, even around the edges and under difficult ambient conditions.. noax has transformed the industrial computer into a “smart” hardware device in a modern production/manufacturing plant.

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PCI/PCle – expandable connectivity in production

Different applications require a variety of different peripheral devices. The deciding factor for IT administrators when choosing an industrial PC is the provision of universal hardware interfaces for individual hardware options. noax industrial PCs are equipped with slots for PCI and for the modern standard PCI Express (PCIe), thus enabling a multitude of possibilities. This means that noax Industry 4.0 PCs can be flexibly extended, regardless of whether the peripheral device requires old or new interfaces. This represents an important point on the path towards the step-by-step, expandable networking of their manufacturing IT, with maximum future and investment security.

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WLAN for networkproduction processes, IIoT,Industrial Internet of Things

The WLAN option means that noax industrial PCss can be connected without having to make additional investments in cable infrastructure. In order to ensure the most consistent data transfer possible without interruptions, the Industry 4.0 industrial PCs are equipped with special, high-performance, integrated antennas. Therefore, noax industrial PCs are ideally suited to act as a hardware platform for networking and digitizing your production on the path towards the smart factory and Industry 4.0.

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For application in a smart factory, we recommend the following industrial PCs: