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noax IP65 PC/IP67 PC/IP69K PC

for food processing

The noax IP65/IP67/IP69K PC in food processing

Produce food products consistently and reliably

Meeting the demands of the consumer, fulfilling legal requirements, improving productivity: noax IP65 (NEMA 4)/IP67 (NEMA 6)/IP69K PCs document each processing step in the food industry from receiving goodst todelivery. They monitor the composition of ingredients, create packing labels, and record time and attendance, and machine use. With our food industry computer, you can ensure complete batch traceability, guarantee quality, and improve your competitiveness. You will meet the demands of the consumer and the guidelines from lawmakers. You can offer quality at reasonable prices, meet the highest hygiene requirements, guarantee traceability of all processing steps, and ensure the implementation of existing standards.

noax IP65 (NEMA 4)/IP67 (NEMA 6)/IP69K PC – uncompromisingly hygienic

noax Steel series industrial PCs, with protection classes up to IP69K, are perfectly equipped for performing various tasks in the food industry. The overall construction and workmanship are designed for use under rigorous hygiene conditions. They have a V2A stainless steel housing and special seals for food processing. The food industry PCs comply with the highest hygiene demands thanks to a design that is free of grooves, joints, and dead spaces. They are completely-sealed and certified from IP65 (NEMA 4), IP67 (NEMA 6), and up to the highest protection class, IP69K. noax food industry PCs can be fully cleaned using high pressure, alkalis, or acidic disinfectants. They work with top system stability, in cold storage and in hot environments, such as bakeries or smoke chambers.

Your employees can enter and retrieve information conveniently, with a touchscreen of up to 21.5 inches that can optionally use
resistive-analog or capacitive touch. You can use gloves to operate without any constraints. The bright display makes it easy to use due to its ergonomically optimized brightness control. noax food industry PCs have several interfaces and slots to allow integration into your company's IT system. Peripheral devices, such as barcode scanners, label printers or scales, can be connected quickly and easily.

We offer special accessories for applications in the food industry as a useful addition to our IP65 (NEMA 4)/IP67 (NEMA 6)/IP69K computers. This includes a practical exterior USB port for simple configuration/software maintenance, and various mounts. Several food processing companies already rely on noax industrial PCs to bring better hygiene and security to your company.

noax IP65 (NEMA 4)/IP67 (NEMA 6)/IP69K PC – uncompromisingly hygienic

Daily High-pressure Cleaning (IP69K)

Due to their reliability, noax IP65/IP67/IP69K computers are ideal for all procedures in food processing. noax industrial PCs are completely-sealed, up to the highest protection class, IP69K. They can be fully cleaned, regardless of using hot water, high pressure or strong disinfectants (acids/alkalis). The 21 programmable function keys and the clear touchscreen can withstand these stresses without needing to be covered up. The display guarantees optimal readability even under fluctuating lighting conditions. noax IP65/IP67/IP69K PCs make your production more efficient, achieve noticeably increased process security, and, thanks to their high quality, are guaranteed to last a long time.

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Cold Storage and Smoke Chambers

Extreme temperatures, regardless of in cold storage or near smoke chambers: noax IP65/IP67/IP69K PCs optimize your warehouse processes and record data more reliably under the toughest conditions. They were specially developed to meet the highest hygiene and temperature resistant demands, and work reliably in a temperature range between -22°F to 133°F. The noax food industry PC is available with a very rugged V2A stainless steel surface. This makes it the best choice for use in extreme conditions and when operating with gloves. The standard 7-year availability guarantee makes noax industrial PCs the best choice in terms of efficiency, reliability, future security, and longevity.

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Top Failure and Process Security

noax IP65/IP67/IP69K PCs are suitable for all food processing plant operations. Information from every step of production, interacting with scales, scanners, printers, and suitable software, can be safeguarded, recorded, and entered into the respective goods management system. Improvements in traceability in accordance with strict government regulations, , formula checking, cold storage logistics, order picking, label printing for packaging and more, are reliably enabled. noax users report that work processes have improved significantly due to the reliability of noax industrial PCs.



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