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Medical PC/Pharmaceutical PC/OR PC

for applications in the pharmaceutical and medical

noax Medical PCs in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and medical industries, for clean rooms

noax medical computers are pharmaceutical PCs, OR or clean room computers, laboratory PCs or collectively “hygiene PCs” from the noax Steel series

Whether you are determining the exact formula, checking for the right mix ratio, or tightening production – using noax medical PCs you can accurately control the formula of chemical compounds, document the entire production process, and securely trace batches. Particularly in chemical or pharmaceutical production, even the smallest deviations or contaminants can cause considerable damage. Our laboratory computers support the recording of formulas and production data, help with the monitoring of mix ratios, visualize production processes, and much more. When combined with a scale as an accessory, you have the option to immediately determine, display, and save exact measurement results. This makes noax pharmaceutical PCs ideally suited to meet the demands posed by chemical and pharmaceutical companies for rugged, cutting-edge hardware.

noax medical PCs in health care and medical engineering

noax medical PCs are used in medical engineering and health care. They record patient information, visualize image data, and supply medical consumables. With noax OR PCs you can not only streamline work in your practice or hospital, but also improve patient care, while handling ubiquitous cost pressures through faster reaction times. noax OR PCs are secured with standard VESA mounts for tables, walls, or ceilings. These can be found under the medical PC accessories.

noax medical PCs in health care and medical engineering

Germ-free in the clean room – utmost hygiene guaranteed

The housing of noax OR/clean room PCs is made from antibacterial V2A stainless steel and is completely-sealed up to protection class IP69K. This means that the operating/clean room remains reliably protected against any contamination and particles. The completely smooth housing of the OR/clean room PC has no grooves or joints where tiny particles or germs could settle. This is why noax OR and clean room PCs are used in applications with very high hygiene standards, such as operating rooms, or during the production of medicinal goods, in order to increase patient safety.

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Daily cleaning with disinfecting solution (IP69K)

noax medical PCs cannot be harmed by water jets or disinfecting solutions due to their completely- sealed design, offering protection up to class IP69K. They can withstand cleaning processes with disinfecting solutions, oils, or emulsions, even acids and alkali, and doesn’t require extra protection against these substances. noax medical PCs are antibacterial and have a hygienic design, guaranteeing compliance with hygienic conditions, even in 24/7 work. This is a guarantee that countless customers from the medical and pharmaceutical sectors rely on.

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The easiest operation in the hygienic computer sector

The internal components of these PCs are not only ideal for chemical, pharmaceutical, and medical engineering work environments, they are also easy to operate under these conditions. All data can be conveniently entered via the touchscreen (resistive or capacitive). Therefore, you can operate the PC with gloves. The bright touch display of the pharmaceutical PC clearly displays all information, even at difficult reading angles or in poor lighting situations. In addition to being very user-friendly, our hygienic computers are characterized by their suitability for a broad spectrum of applications. noax pharmaceutical PCs come with a variety of terminals and interfaces. You can use these to expand noax medical computers as required.

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For use in pharma & medicine environments, we recommend the following PCs: