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The Order-Picking PC for Mobile Data Collection

Reliable and Secure Order-Picking

High turnover rates, greater efficiency, and flawless inventory management – noax order-picking PCs are reliable 24 hours a day, seven days a week. noax order-picking and forklift PCs have been specifically designed for mobile data capture in harsh environments. They can be operated with gloves on, are vibration and shock-resistant, and record your data quickly and reliably, without the hassle of paper. noax order-picking and forklift PCs adapt their display brightness based on its surroundings. They withstand temperature fluctuations and are functional indoors and outdoors, all year long – from -22°F to 131

noax order-picking and forklift PCs can easily be installed on forklifts or industrial conveyors, and are easy to operate thanks to the easy-to-read touch display. A variety of interfaces allow our order-picking PCs to be individually upgraded, for example: by adding label printers or barcode scanners. Our forklift PCs can also be easily connected to your company's IT infrastructure via rapid and secure data transfer, e.g. through WLAN or mobile communication. This enables data to be continuously exchanged with your company’s software (e.g. ERP) in real-time. This allows you to always have a complete overview of all warehouse logistics, while simultaneously increasing your order-picking effectiveness.

Improve productivity through efficient planning

Whether you are querying the inventory, checking warehouse capacity, or visually presenting the production status or assembly volumes – with order-picking terminals from noax, you can request important information in the run-up to production, therefore, making your production process more efficient. Order-picking computers from noax are primarily designed for harsh environments and for stationary or mobile use in an industrial environment. On forklifts or industrial conveyors, our order-picking PCs function as the go-between for inventory management and production. They reliably transfer data from logistics to your employees, whether they are installed on a wall or a machine.

noax order-picking and forklift PCs

5M3 S&V and IP65 Certification

Thanks to their rugged design, noax order-picking PCs are protected against external elements such as dust, moisture, fluctuating temperatures, and shocks and vibrations. noax logistics PCs can reliably withstand being in vehicles on rough terrain or uneven ground, in summer and winter (5M3 S&V certification). In order to satisfy the high demands for logistics reliability, noax engineers have been paying attention to shock and vibration resistance right from the outset when developing the logistics terminals and selecting the components.

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Increased reliability through UPS

In order to enhance data security during mobile data capture with order-picking computers, it is important to have a consistent power supply without voltage fluctuations. This particularly applies when starting a vehicle or while transporting loads to higher storage locations. Therefore, noax order-picking computers can optionally be equipped with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This ensures that the order-picking computer consistently functions and prevents interruptions to the work process during power fluctuations. noax's integrated UPS increases the reliability of mobile logistics applications, and protects against data loss and operation interruptions.

Vehicle Mounted PC noax

Additional Tools & Features

The noax order-picking computer can be equipped with a range of features. This includes mobile communication or WLAN, which enables secure data transfer when moving. Thanks to the internal and external WLAN antennas, the order-picking terminals can capture and provide data in real-time. The mobile safety module ensures increased occupational health and safety. The noax RFID reader is available with numerous standards such as Hitag™, Mifare® and Legic®, and is designed to simplify the processes. In addition to a front USB port, noax order-picking PCs come with a range of connectivity options such as I/O cards, barcode scanners, or label printers.


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