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Forklift computers and logistics terminals for warehouses & logistics

Faster order picking, more reliable delivery, and increased efficiency – noax forklift computers capture data right where it arises. Thanks to WLAN, mobile connection, or GPS, information is instantly available to your entire company.

The noax configuration tool, “nSMART”, makes configuring a forklift PC simple. The rugged design of our forklift computers make them especially suited for extreme loads, and able to resist shock and vibrations, heat, cold temperatures in the deep-freeze warehouse, or sudden temperature changes. noax logistics terminals work perfectly in sun, rain, snow or ice with an extended temperature range of - -22°F to + 131°F.

The convenient and ergonomic features of the touch panel are very beneficial to users. It is simple and intuitive to use with your fingers, touch pens, and gloves. The display brightness adjusts automatically due to a light sensor that measures current lighting conditions. This ensures optimal readability in strong sunlight or fluctuating ambient light.

Our comprehensive line of accessories, including brackets, RFID readers, scanners and keyboards allows you to design functional and ergonomic workstations to fit your company's needs. We have the right solution for optimizing your logistics processes and costs.

The optimized WLAN properties ensure reliability when working, even with mobile applications. Along with the renowned noax ruggedness, these features ensure the 12” and 15” logistics terminals are exceptionally well suited for use in inventory management and transport logistics. The 12-inch PC, from either the C or S series, is perfect if space is limited. The bigger display of the 15” model is ideal for use in larger industrial vehicles.

The logistics terminals of the Compact series and the Steel series have proven their worth over the years in all areas of application in logistics – during order picking and inventory management, as well as during dispatch of trucks, or transport. As logistics hardware, they are distinguished by their slim dimensions, high flexibility, and numerous options for user-specific configuration.

Quality - Made in Germany

  • Compact and rugged industrial design – IP65 (NEMA 4) protection class – 5M3 S&V certified
  • Wireless communication with integrated antennae
  • Mobile connection or GPS can be integrated (optional)
  • Fast access for servicing via the secured front USB
  • Simple operability, even with gloves, due to the rugged touch screen
  • nSMART – convenient software for device monitoring and configuration
  • High level of flexibility and expandability with standard interfaces and PCl/PCle slots
  • Windows® 10 (32-bit/64-bit), function keys, RAID


The logistics terminals of the Compact series and the Steel series

IP65 (NEMA 4) – resistant against dust and water

The logistics terminals are able to withstand dust, dirt, moisture and wetness, as their IP65 (NEMA 4) protection class certification indicates. Operation with gloves goes without saying. The front USB connection/port is also protected in accordance with IP65 (NEMA 4) and allows quick access for IT administrators. Thanks to its industrial components, noax logistics terminals are outstanding at dealing with constant use under extreme mechanical strain, such as vibration or shock (the main causes for the failure of electronic components). noax have installed shock-resistant storage media to ensure a high level of reliability during shock or vibration.


Outdoor PC Terminal noax S12 side

Internal UPS protects against data loss

noax’s integrated, uninterruptible power supply bridges short term power failure and voltage drops in vehicles. This prevents a running forklift PC from suddenly shutting off, and preventing the loss of unsaved data. By using UPS-bridging, information is retained and available to employees, even in the event of an interrupted power supply. The internal UPS guaranties constant operational readiness of the forklift computerin the temperature range of -22°F to +113°F. This ensures very high data and process security, even during the start-up process of a vehicle.


Logistic terminal C12

Mobile safety module for increased security

The optional noax mobile safety module (“ignition key switch function”) ensures increased work and operational safety. Connecting the logistics terminal to the vehicle’s electronics enables numerous configuration possibilities – for example when starting the vehicle, the logistics terminal will automatically turn on or the display brightness will automatically decrease at the start of travel. It is also possible to lock input options to prevent accident-causing distractions during driving. However, if the vehicle does stop, the driver is immediately able to access all logistics terminal functionalities, such as screen, touchscreen, control keys, keyboard or peripheral devices.

WIFI touch terminal Gummiwerk Kraiburg forklift


The popular universal forklift Computer

The 12” forklift PC is excellently suited for forklifts and smaller industrial trucks. With its compact size and front USB connection/port, it offers the highest level of comfort and is quick and easy to integrate, which brings additional safety and efficiency to your logistics processes.

Further information about the C12 forklift PC


The large logistics terminal

The 15” logistics terminal combines the qualities of the C12 with a larger screen. It is ideal for transport logistics, such as in vehicles, construction and agricultural equipment or cranes. We recommend the C15 for larger industrial vehicles because of the convenience of the larger 15” display.

Further information about the C15 logistics terminal


The stainless steel logistics PC

The 12” logistics PC from the Steel series is most commonly used in hygiene areas, such as in industrial trucks or pallet trucks in the food industry. Due to its size and weight, it can be optimally integrated.

Further information about the S12 logistics PC

S15 Basic

The stainless steel logistics computer

The 15” logistics computer from the Steel series proves its worth with its simple and rugged design. Its stainless steel housing consists of flat surfaces and is free of cracks and edges. It is recommended for hygiene areas, such as in food preparation. It is often used as a stationary order-picking computer.

Further information about the S15 Basic stainless steel logistics computer

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Industrial Computer Reference C12
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