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Industrial Panel PC noax S21 IP65 cleaning
Industrial Panel PC Noax S19P IP65 Water Gloves

Stainless steel PCs up to IP69K

for food & hygiene

IP69K stainless steel PC for food & hygiene

Completely-sealed, water-resistant, extremely rugged. If hygiene is your company's highest priority, the noax stainless steel IP69K computer is perfect for food processing, in cold storage, and in the pharmaceutical industry. noax Steel Series industrial PCs have a smooth, completely-sealed housing made from polished stainless steel. There are no joints, even between the touch display and the housing.


Due to its enclosed design in accordance with protection class IP69K, all internal components are optimally protected, whether it’s dust, water (high-pressure), or disinfectant, nothing can faze our IP69K computer from the Steel series. It can be easily cleaned, germs do not stand a chance! The stainless steel terminal can be intuitively operated using the resistive-analog or the capacitive touch panel, even when wearing gloves. The bright LED display guarantees optimal readability, even in poor conditions. noax Steel Series industrial PCs are available in a range of sizes, from the handy 12-inch to the compact 15 or 19-inch, up to the large 21.5-inch industrial PC with all-glass front.

Quality – Made in Germany –stainless steel computer series highlights

  • Compact and rugged design with stainless steel housing
  • Completely-sealed – without external fan, up to IP69K protection class –top reliability
  • Simple operability due to particularly rugged touch screen
  • nSMART – convenient software for adjustment, monitoring, and analysis
  • High level of flexibility and expandability with standard interfaces and PCl/PCle slots
  • Simple cleaning and disinfection – no joints or cracks
  • Sustainable product design, long service life, low power consumption
  • Windows® 10 (32-bit/64-bit), function keys, RAID, mobile communication, WLAN
  • EX certification for zones 21 and 22 and much more!


Due to its enclosed design in accordance with protection class IP69K,

From IP65 to IP69K

As rugged as it gets – noax stainless steel industrial PCs are certified up to protection class IP69K and can fully withstand the most extreme conditions, such as high-pressure cleaning from all sides with 80 degree hot water. They provide more reliability in addition to their protection against dust and shocks. The IP65 and IP69K protection classes for the stainless steel PC series were inspected, tested, and certified by an independent institute. Certificates and videos can be found with the relevant stainless steel terminal.

IP69K industrial PC computer noax S19P high pressure cleaning

Multi-touch PC with the latest technologies

The noax S21WP stainless steel computer makes it possible for the first time to reliably use multi-touch technologies, even in challenging industrial environments. This is made possible by the intelligent PCAP (projected capacitive) technology, which is perfect for industrial use. Their functionality around the edges and the fact that they can be used with gloves, even in wet conditions, makes them unique. The noax stainless steel PC’s large display enables the use of large buttons, therefore, makes it possible to work ergonomically with gloves.

PCAP industrial panel PC touch screen noax S21WP

Reliable from -22°F to 131°F

Components that are specifically suited for use in extreme cold are used for application in a wider temperature range. The advantage is that the noax stainless steel PC can also be used right away in temperatures well below freezing, as there is no time consuming warm-up. Perfect functionality up to -22°F: This option enables applications in a freezing temperature range, for example in food manufacturers’ cold storages. The stainless steel terminal works reliably, in warm and humid areas, such as nearsmoke houses and brew kettles.

Waterproof PC noax S15G2 Resistant to cold


The compact stainless steel computer - IP65

The 12-inch stainless steel computer with protection class IP65 is particularly suited for food and hygience or outdoor applications, such as on industrial conveyors or in confined spaces, because of its compact dimensions.

More information about the S12 stainless steel


The classic stainless steel terminal - IP65

The 15-inch stainless steel terminal with a sleek and elegant design, and a protection class IP65 certification, creates perfect conditions for clear display and quick and ergonomic data entry with its 15-inch display.

More information about the S15 stainless


The rugged 15” stainless steel computer - IP69K

Supplementing the S15, the 15-inch S15G2 stainless steel computer offers 21 freely programmable function keys and a higher protection class while keeping the same screen size. The S15G2 stainless steel computer is certified up to IP69K.

More information about S15G2 stainless steel


The rugged 19” stainless steel computer - IP69K

The 19-inch IP69K Computer, with its larger 19” display, increases ease of use compared to the S15G2. Graphics, processes and control buttons are displayed larger and more clearly, making work processes much easier.

More information about S19 stainless steel


The 19” multi-touch stainless steel terminal – IP69K

The 19-inch stainless steel terminal is part of the latest noax generation. With the PCAP multi-touch technology and the anti-reflective, hardened glass front with no joints or edges, it fulfills the requirements for ruggedness, hygiene, and design in equal measure.

More information about the S19P stainless steel


The full-HD multi-touch stainless steel PC – IP69K PC

The 21.5-inch stainless steel industrial PC is the largest variant of the new noax generation. The PCAP multi-touch with anti-reflective, hardened glass front, with no joints or edges and the full-HD display in 16:9 format, make it a high-end industrial PC.

More information about the S21WP stainless steel


The 21.5” resistive touch panel – IP69K PC

The 21.5-inch stainless steel touch computer is best suited for use in the food industry. With its resistive touch, the completely-sealed housing, and tried-and-tested noax quality, it is the flagship of the noax industrial PC Steel series.

More information about the S21WR 21.5” resistive

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