Industrial Panel PC noax S21
Industrial Panel PC noax S21 IP65 dust

S21WP: Industrial panel PC with PCAP multi-touch

for demanding industrial applications, 24/7

S21WP industrial panel PC Images

Industrial computer noax S21 left
Industrial Panel PC touch screen noax S21 below
Industrial Panel PC noax S21 side
Industrial Panel PCs noax S21 above
Industrial PC noax S21 right

Industrial panel PC with 16:9 multi-touch screen

The revolutionary PCAP multi-touch S21WP is absolutely rugged and impact-resistant with an anti-reflective, tempered glass front with no joints or edges. The touchscreen can be operated with multiple fingers or two hands at the same time, just like on a smartphone. It sets itself apart with the ability to use with gloves and with top-class, unprecedented touch sensitivity, right up to and around the edges.

Průmyslový počítač PC noax S21 vysokotlaký IP69K

Industrial panel PC, up to IP69K for sanitary areas

The completely-sealed housing, certified according to IP69K, can be cleaned throughout the day using high pressure and various cleaning materials. In addition, the industrial panel PC S21WP-Hygienic has special food-safe sealed screws and gaskets. They prevent undercuts and dead spaces that are extremely critical when considering hygienic aspects.

Industrial PC Multitouch noax

Individually configurable and expandable

The modular PCAP industrial PC design is future-proof and user-friendly. It can be individually expanded through numerous interfaces. Serviceability and ease of use are ensured by the microcontroller unit (MCU), the noax tool nSMART, which is used to monitor and control the PCAP industrial PC, and the numerous options available for integrating the device into existing system solutions. It is also possible to connect to application-specific peripheral devices at any time.

Industrie Computer noax S21 Nsmart right

The industrial panel PC

ideal for demanding industrial applications

The S21WP multi-touch industrial panel PC with tried-and-tested noax quality and ruggedness, modern technology, up to IP69K, and an elegant design, is the revolutionary new industrial PC generation for industrial applications.

Application examples:

  • Pinch operation – zooming and turning
  • Viewing designs/CAD-drawings
  • Machine control
  • Data collection (production data acquisition, machine data acquisition, time and attendance recording)

Industrial panel PC touchscreen S21WP – technical data

Industrial panel PC S21WP – accessories

with cable gland mounted at the rear
noax S21 Rittal mounted
noax S21 connector cover with cable gland mounted
mounted with cable gland
mounted with cable gland
Table top holder mounted in front
Desktop holder mounted in the back
s19 s21 s nastavitelným držákem na stůl
Device holder adjusting wheel
s19 s21 screw connection
a man assembly
s21 table top holder mounted
s19 s21 table top holder
Stand made of acrylic glass mounted in front
long stand made of acrylic glass mounted
Wall device holder mounted
Wall Holder
Appliance holder mounted in front
Appliance holder mounted in the back
Device holder for stainless steel column
mounted use with glove
noax S15 S19 connector cover with cable feedthrough
noax S15 S19 connector cover with cable gland IP65
with IP cable entry ip65
with divisible cable entry