Industrial Panel PC noax S19P

S19P: PCAP Multi-touch Computer

for Industry 4.0 applications

S19P PCAP Multi-touch PC Images

Industrial Panel PC noax S19P
19 inch Panel PC noax S19P side
Industrial Computer PC noax S19P Rear
Industrial Panel PC noax S19P top
PCAB Industrial Panel PC noax S19P right

PCAP Multi-touch PC – ready for Industry 4.0

Successful digitization requires quicker, more flexible and more efficient options for production. For this to happen, information must be available at the right time and in the right place. The noax PCAP (projected capacitive) enables multi-touch industrial computers to be used effectively for the first time in challenging industrial environments. noax transforms the PCAP multi-touch PC into a “smart” hardware device in modern production/manufacturing.

PCAB Industrial Panel PC noax S19P Multi-Touch

PCAP Multi-touch PC – durable display

The S19P continues the Red Dot-awarded design of the S21WP and offers a 19” TFT display with a durable multi-touch screen made of tempered safety glass. The precise PCAP multi-touch and its intuitive smartphone-based gesture operation allows the user to more efficiently edit CAD drawings, images, 3D models, etc., whether it’s used in production or in sanitary areas. A unique feature is the ability to use the device wearing a variety of gloves, even around the edges of the touchscreen.

PCAB Industrial Panel PC noax S19P right

PCAP Multi-touch PC – protection classes up to IP69K

The completely-sealed design, certified up to protection class IP69K, makes simple cleaning and resistance against chemicals a given. This industrial PC is perfect for use in applications with high hygiene standards, like those required for manufacturing sanitary products. Extreme industrial conditions in production are no match for the PCAP multi-touch PC from noax.

IP69K industrial PC computer noax S19P high pressure cleaning

The PCAP Multi-touch PC

perfectly suited for high industrial demands

The S19P PCAP multi-touch PC is a product of the noax generation. Quality and ruggedness paired with the most modern technology and an elegant design make this industrial PC generation perfect for application in sanitary areas and in production

Application examples:

  • Process visualization
  • Machine/Production data acquisition
  • Viewing designs/CAD-drawings

PCAP Multi-touch PC S19P – technical data

PCAP Multi-touch PC S19P – accessories

mounted with cable gland
Wall device holder connector cover ip69k
Stainless steel column mounted in front
Stainless steel column mounted in the back
Connector cover with cable gland mounted
s19 PC
with divisible cable gland mounted
noax S15 S19 connector cover with cable feedthrough
noax S15 S19 connector cover with cable gland IP65
long acrylic plate mounted
Table top holder mounted
mounted with tabletop holder
Desktop holder mounted with rfid
Desktop holder mounted in the back
with divisible cable gland mounted
Table top holder left
Device holder adjusting wheel
with divisible cable entry
with IP cable entry ip65
s19 s21 s nastavitelným držákem na stůl
s19 s21 adapter plate
s19 s21 stainless steel column
a man assembly
Device holder for stainless steel column
s19 s21 screw connection
Wall Holder
s19 s21 table top holder