Industrial Terminal noax C21
BDE Terminal Alsto precision cutting tools industry computer

C21: Industrial PC

for production and manufacturing with a 16:9 display

C21 Industrial PC Images

Info terminals noax C21 left
Industrial PC noax C21 below
Industrial PC noax C21 side
Industrial PCs noax C21 rear
Industry terminal noax C21 above
Industrial Terminal noax C21 right

Ultra-sharp 21” industrial PC

With its large 21.5” display, in full-HD resolution, the C21 IPC guarantees optimal visualization of production processes, helping to accelerate work processes. The ability to operate with gloves also helps to provide a higher level of occupational health and safety.

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PCI/PCle expands the industrial PC

The C21 compact industrial PC comes with a PCI slot and a standard PCI express extension. This allows the use of old or new peripheral devices at any time.

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Front USB

The USB interface is in the front, allowing you to implement configurations and changes on the C21 IPC quickly and easily. However, you must authorize access. The USB interface is protected against dirt and water according to protection class IP65 (NEMA 4).

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The C21 industrial computer

ideal for high-resolution software & visualizations

The C21 compact industrial computer’s rugged design makes it ideally equipped for production environments on vibrating systems and machines, or a harsh industrial environment. The C21 is the ideal display and input terminal in terms of reliability, ruggedness, and performance due to the combination of its 24/7, failure-proof operation under extreme conditions and its 21” high-resolution display.

Application examples:

  • Machine/Production Data Acquisition
  • General Data Collection
  • Process visualization
  • Equipment control

C21 compact industrial PC – technical data

C21 compact industrial PC – accessories

Industrial terminal noax C21 holder
Info terminals noax Stand aluminum
Industrial PC noax Desktop Holder C21
Industrial PC noax Wall Mount C21
industrial pc noax C21 device holder short
Industrial PC noax damping unit C21
Touchscreen terminal noax device holder
Industrial PC noax Compact device holder
Touchscreen terminal table device holder
Industrial PC noax stand
Touchscreen Terminal
All-in-one PC noax C15 C19 C21 connector cover
noax All-in-one PC divisible cable gland IP65
Touchscreen terminal noax touchpen
noax computer touchscreen