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About noax: The manufacturer of superior industrial PCs

Rugged, reliable, and innovative

noax Technologies AG ranks among the world's leading manufacturers of rugged and reliable industrial PCs and logistics terminals. We design industrial computers for extremely harsh and sensitive environments where activities such as intensive cleaning are part of the daily routine. We have over 25 years of experience in the development and production of completely-sealed industrial PCs. The needs of our customers are top priority. They are the benchmark we use to orient ourselves.

As a manufacturer of industrial PCs, we provide our customers with hardware suitable for industrial environments and comprehensive services that range from expert advice and sales to service and support.

Our IPCs are manufactured exclusively in Ebersberg near Munich, Germany. They are designed to function smoothly and continuously for many years in the harshest industrial environments. They have demonstrated their resistance to extreme conditions like heat, cold, moisture, dust, vibrations, shock, acids, and detergents.

Therefore, as a manufacturer of industrial PCs,

History: Over 25 years of success

“As the CEO of noax, I consider it my duty to offer you – our customers – reliable industrial PCs for your application. We want your IT hardware to work easily so that you can have better use of your time. This is why quality, reliability, and ease of service are of utmost importance to us.

Your trust is our motivation.”

Dipl.-Ing. Verena Schechner

noax CEO

Our company history dates back to 1990

As a medium-sized, family-owned manufacturer of industrial computers, we realized that industrial companies need particularly rugged and reliable hardware because of increasing automation. The demands placed on industrial PCs are the same as those required of machines at production facilities.


This is how the success story began in Bavaria more than 25 years ago.

In response to these needs, noax Technologies began designing and manufacturing completely-sealed industrial PCs without external fans, a critical requirement to meet the needs of industrial environments. noax Technologies AG, was founded in Ebersberg, Germany in 1998.

From the beginning, our goal has been to produce extremely compact industrial computers with great computing power that are easy and intuitive to operate. To achieve this goal, we have a say in each and every detail: from the initial design to the finished product. This allows us to continuously produce and market innovative products that are repeatedly setting new standards. For example, our first industrial PCs, manufactured in the 90’s, had integrated touch screen panels and a smart heat management system that meets the high demands of industrial and manufacturing companies worldwide.

With our decades of experience in the development, manufacturing, sale, and support of industrial PCs, noax Technologies is well positioned to offer our customers the most durable, highest quality industrial PC products on the market. We place the highest standards on the quality of our IPCs and ensure that the entire process is in our hands: from development, manufacturing and sales, to after-sales service.

We maintain an outstanding reputation among our customers throughout the world by offering a multitude of innovative, rugged, and reliable products. We have a wide array of customers from various industries that have been so impressed with Noax that they have provided case studies as a testimony to our relationship. In fact, many of our new customers were referred to us by our current customer base.

Thanks to the continuity in our company and proximity to our customers, we are able to survive in a demanding market and are consistently growing. In addition to our head office in Ebersberg, Germany, we are personally available to our customers in other branches in Dortmund, France, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and the USA.

This is how the success story began in Bavaria more than 25 years ago.

Our strengths: industrial quality without compromise – noax

  • Focus on the development and production of industrial PCs
  • Over 25 years’ experience and superior know-how in all things concerning industrial computers
  • Reliable industrial PCs that meet the highest quality standards and industry requirements
  • Proprietary development and design of the entire IPC, right down to the motherboard
  • Consistent use of Intel® chip sets (embedded) for 100% compatibility
  • Warranty available for all components for at least five years
  • Comprehensive services and support to meet the demands of the capital goods market
  • Certified according to ISO 9001 and complete production of industrial PCs in Germany
  • Numerous stress tests performed at our facilities as well as at independent, certified laboratories
  • Future-proof, medium-sized industrial PC manufacturer with steady growth rates

Award-winning design

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the largest design competitions in the world. Companies from 54 countries with innovative products registered for the “Product Design 2017” category. The approximately 40-member jury examines


the degree of innovation, design quality, functionality, ecological compatibility and more. Products that score here have earned this seal of quality.

“The seamless and gapless design of the S21WP industrial computer combines impressive functionality with high durability,” stated the jury, explaining its decision in the Red Dot Design Yearbook.

the degree of innovation, design quality,

Proprietary development: made in Germany – right from the beginning

An essential cornerstone of our success is the proprietary development and production of our industrial PCs. Our philosophy is “from the idea to the finished product”. The process includes the design of mechanical and electronic parts, right down to the motherboard. This depth of development and production in Germany allows us to have a say in all components in order to satisfy our high quality requirements.


Mechanics, electronics, and quality management: The three pillars of noax IPC proprietary development

Proprietary development and a strict in-house quality management system in Ebersberg are guarantors of the ruggedness of our hardware for us as a manufacturer of industrial PCs. We pay special attention to:



  • Several years of experience in the development of industrial PCs with high protection categories - IP65 (NEMA 4), IP67 (NEMA 6), and IP69K
  • Sustainable design with a focus on shock and vibration resistance
  • Exchange of design data with suppliers to ensure the high quality of the individual components


  • Development of proprietary all-in-one mainboards
  • Careful selection of electronic components and circuit parts based on our high standards
  • Assurance of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), long-term parts availability for at least 7 years

Quality management:

As a producer of industrial PCs, we subject our industrial PCs to extreme tests that are documented precisely and then analyzed. For example, in the tests, predefined temperature curves are combined with varying degrees of moisture over a long period of time. Likewise, various shock and vibration tests are performed to simulate the later practical application in advance. Our high quality standards are reflected in the certificates issued by independent institutes, approvals such as CE, FCC, IP65 (NEMA 4), IP67 (NEMA 6), IP69K, and in the approval of our many satisfied customers.

ISO 9001: 2015 certification

Not only price and productivity determine the success of a company today, but also well designed products, innovation, and the best possible service. Highest product quality and the ability to adapt flexibly to changing customer requirements are also part of the enormous challenges of a modern company.


Quality begins with placing customer satisfaction at the center of your company's thinking. This statement from John F. Akers, former CEO of IBM, makes it clear that quality is essential.

In order to best carry out our extensive duties and responsibilities we have implemented the model of process orientation from the ISO 9001 standard. We see these directives as guidelines that we can use to meet the particularly high quality demands placed on our products, services and processes.

The fact that they are developed and produced in-house makes it possible for us to adhere to the strictest quality standards and to honor individual customer needs. Come see our quality philosophy at work. Visit our factory in Ebersberg near Munich. At noax, you will see that the “Made in Germany” quality seal offers everything it promises.

Since every good quality management system is based on a continuous improvement process, we invite our customers and suppliers to get actively involved in this process. Why? Because we believe that our customers and suppliers are an integral and existential part of everything we do, including our quality management system.

In order to best carry out our extensive duties and responsibilities

Sustainability of our industrial computers

Sustainability is our priority, in the design of the equipment and in the manufacturing of our IPCs. This means conserving resources by long runtimes and by using recyclable materials. Our industrial PCs have a long service life and are easy to retrofit and upgrade preventing large amounts of waste from being generated.