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noax Logistics Terminals Improve Internal Processes at the Coburg Cardboard Box Factory

- 24-Hour Reliability - noax Logistics Terminals at the Coburg Cardboard Packaging Factory Robust and smart noax logistics terminals make a significant contribution to the process...

noax Industrial PCs – the strongest generation of boards ever

- noax industrial PCs are now available with a new, significantly more powerful motherboards. The new board generation bears the name N12 and shines again with an all-in-one...

2 x 360° Hygienic All-round Protection – Keeping Your Hardware Above Water

- In the food processing sector, your technology breaking down means losing time, money, and success. Hardware malfunctions should be ruled out from the very beginning to avoid...

Exceptional Design & 100% Reliability - New industrial PCs for demanding logistics applications

- Introducing the new L10, L12 and L15 Logistics Computers. noax Technologies continues to expand their new multi-touch rugged PC line. The high quality and ruggedness, combined with...

IP69K - Ultimate Protection On All Sides

- Despite continuous use in the harshest conditions, noax industrial computers work reliably with full functionality. Nothing can penetrate the completely closed stainless steel...
noax RFID reader PM

noax RFID readers: Rugged. Reliable. Compatible

- The noax RFID readers are compatible with current RFID standards- Hitag, Mifare, Legic® and HID prox. They are programmable and come in a variety of different versions and...
noax PM integriertes WLAN

Best WLAN in noax Logistics Computers

- noax logistics terminals offer the highest security in data transfer and very wide coverage in support of current WLAN standards. The new internal WLAN antennas on the logistics...
noax ISO zertifiziert

noax Quality Management

- Certified According to ISO 9001 – a quality management system.
noax Industrie PC S15P

New 15-inch Stainless Steel PCAP Touch Screen Industrial PC

- The newest innovation from noax’s Steel Series product line.
noax IPC Rittal Tragearm

New Support Arm Carrier System for Optimum Flexibility

- Quality Made in Germany, reliable and innovative – In addition to the numerous existing installation options, noax now offers the...
noax C15G2 Fernwartung

noax Industrial Computers At A Glance

- Remote maintenance gives noax the ability to make it easier for IT administrators to maintain their state-of-the-art industrial PCs. Important technical parameters can be...
noax PM C12P C15P Collage News

New noax industrial PCs from the Compact Series: C12P and C15P

- For use in Production, Warehouses and Logistics
DB Schenkter Akku USV

More Reliability for Mobile Logistics Applications

- With its new logistics terminal, noax is showcasing an industrial PC designed specifically to be used for logistics applications. What makes it so special? It has an integrated...
USA Standort

noax is growing! USA Headquarters Moves to New Office

- The continued success and increase in market share has led to a reinforcement of personnel, thus the need for more space.
noax S21 WR Multitouch

The new noax S21WR – The Gold Standard in Food Processing

- Information at the right time, at the right place, and in real time: An essential part of Industry 4.0 and a requirement for manufacturing companies to remain competitive in the...

Who We Are

noax Technologies ranks among the world's leading manufacturers of rugged industrial computers and logistics terminals. We strategically design industrial hardware for extremely harsh and sensitive environments where traditional computers would never survive. With over 25 years of experience in the research, development and manufacturing of completely sealed hardware systems, our rugged computers have proven their longevity and durability while operating continuously in the harshest industrial conditions. They have demonstrated their resistance to extreme conditions like heat, cold, moisture, dust, vibrations, shock, acids, and detergents.

The needs of our customers are our highest priority. We promise our customers the highest quality standards and longest lasting industrial products in the market and guarantee parts availability for 7 years. We are committed to providing excellent service, support and top quality products to our customers.

Our Commitment

Our goal has always been to create extremely rugged industrial computers with high computing power and is easy and intuitive to operate. We are the proprietary designer and manufacturer of the entire IPC, including the motherboard. The highest quality standards are placed on all of our industrial computers and we ensure only the best industrial components are used. We will continue to produce and market innovation products that will set new standards in the marketplace.

Our Commitment