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noax Industrial Computers At A Glance

Remote maintenance gives noax the ability to make it easier for IT administrators to maintain their state-of-the-art industrial PCs. Important technical parameters can be displayed over the network at central locations for monitoring.

noax’s fully customizable industrial computers are the central control points along the production chain. They monitor and control production machinery, gather and store operating data, transfer important information to ERP systems, and support logistics. Their reliability and operational readiness are crucial in the responsibility of controlling important operational processes.

To further increase their service portfolio, noax offers the option of remote maintenance. Important parameters such as the operating temperature and SMART data from the hard drive or SSD indicate if the industrial PC is working correctly. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor them. By using the SNMP standard (Simple Network Management Protocol), IT administrators can integrate noax industrial PCs in existing remote maintenance tools, allowing them to monitor all information technology. Required maintenance tasks are detected early and can be completed right away. Not only is the continuity of production ensured in terms of fulfilling delivery deadlines and customer satisfaction, this process also saves time and costs that would result from long downtimes.

With remote maintenance via SNMP, noax offers users an extra bonus in security and reliability. The success of our customers is our goal.