noax Industrial PC Accessories

The perfect addition to your rugged PC

noax offers a variety of  accessories for our Industrial PCs. Our all in one industrial computers are designed for use in any industry and are easily adaptable to all areas of application. Our industrial grade accessories range from diverse operating systems that we pre-install upon request to radio LAN components, identification systems, system upgrades and external accessories.

Requirements differ from company to company and from application to application, but noax has developed accessories that allow our rugged industrial computers to be adapted for a variety of intended uses. For example, our high-quality memory add-ons allow for quick and easy upgrades.  Specifically engineered industrial keyboards make it easier to enter datafor all types of industries. 

noax has an extensive range of accessories, including equipment and wall brackets with or without ball head or bases in the most diverse designs. If you want to situate your Industrial PCs on vibration-intensive mounts, you will find individually adapted shock absorber plates as vibration inhibitors for each computer. The specifically designed industrial grade connector covers protect the connector area of your Industrial PC.

noax's comprehensive line of accessories will enable you to easily customize your Industrial PCs to meet your needs.


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Other Accessories

All accessories are customized for each type of industrial computer.