Virtual software keyboard

Customized for your application

Do you need to write short texts, but it is impossible to connect an external keyboard? This is where our virtual keyboard comes into play. The software keyboard can be conveniently used via the noax IPC touch screen and can be positioned anywhere on the screen. Keyboard combinations like Shift + Cont or Alt+Tab are no problem if you want to switch applications. Though standard layouts are pre-configured, you can created and edit your own layouts and the size of the keys using the integrated layout editor. This allows for customized keyboards that are particularly suited for working with gloves. Additionally, the on-screen keyboard automatically detects whether you want to enter letters or numbers and will independently show the right keyboard.

With a Windows login, the on-screen keyboard automatically appears on the touch screen. Under normal working conditions, you can start the keyboard by pressing the F key on the front of the noax IPC. The keyboard functions on all current Windows operating systems, including Windows XP and Windows 7, 8 and 10 and also in some environments, Windows Embedded.

When acquiring a noax IPC in conjunction with the software keyboard, we will naturally pre-install it for you. For later installations, you will automatically obtain installation software. It takes just two clicks to install the program and start working. The numerous features offered by the virtual keyboard open up an infinite number of application options. Wherever you use them, noax industrial PCs make data entry effortless.