Machine PC Bilfinger Berger location
Touchscreen terminal  Bilfinger Berger
Tunneling computer Bilfinger Berger tunneling machine

Bilfinger Berger AG Case Study

„Completely enclosed – IP65 For extreme environments Simple touch screen operation.”

Help navigate underground

When you faucet on the faucet, you rarely think about where that precious wet comes from - it is easily available. Although most people in the Bavarian capital know they are drinking some of the best tap water in Europe, few people know where and how it gets to Munich. In order to ensure supply, international companies like Bilfinger Berger AG are building kilometers of underground tunnels, and they primarily rely on noax industrial PCs.

IPC Requirements:

  • Position determination of the tunnel boring machine in real time
  • Documentation of the construction activity
  • Connection via modem with the construction management and the company headquarters
  • Synchronizing all data streams

Case Study Bilfinger Berger AG

Hardware used: