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Case Study KTL Kombi-Terminal Ludwigshafen GmbH

“We couldn’t afford mediocre quality in our transshipment.”

IT stability despite continuous vibrations during operation

KTL Kombi-Terminal Ludwigshafen GmbH is the central transshipment hub of Europe for chemical products and bulk goods of all kinds. At KTL, containers are reloaded from trucks onto trains or from trains onto trucks. This job is performed mainly by the seven gantry cranes of the Ludwigshafen terminal. In the cabins, noax industrial PCs help crane operators perform their jobs quickly and reliably by displaying the information needed for picking orders. Thanks to their stability, their operational reliability – even in the case of voltage fluctuations – and ruggedness that is second to none, noax logistics PCs are perfect for the jobs at the KTL terminal.

IPC Requirements:

  • Display of job data
  • Assistance with coordinating containers and transport units
  • More efficient order processing
  • More secure order fulfillment
  • Improved productivity

Case Study KTL Kombi-Terminal Ludwigshafen GmbH

Hardware used: