Food noax Konditorei Stabinger
Industrial PC noax Konditorei Stabinger
Confectionery Stabinger label printing

Konditorei Stabinger GmbH

noax industrial PCs optimize production processes
and control manufacturing machines in
a modern confectionery company in South Tyrol

High pressure

This means that the machines, including noax IPCs, are routinely sprayed with water and cleaning agents under high pressure. This does not harm the computers due to their completely sealed design. Even all connections are protected from water, chemical cleaning agents, acids and alkaline solutions thanks to the use of highly resistant connection covers.

IPC Requirements:

  • Workflow and process optimization
  • Worktime optimization
  • Control of mixing machines and baking ovens
  • Display of orders in real-time
  • Automatic printing of labels

Case Study Konditorei Stabinger GmbH

Hardware used: