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Industrial PCs lower costs, reduce the
rate of error and increase employee satisfaction
in the construction of cruise ships

Shavings and flying sparks

Thanks to the use of noax IPCs in conjunction with MES software and the CNC program, MEYER WERFT can streamline its work processes and offer employees greater convenience. But this is not the only thing that counts as far as the department head is concerned. He repeatedly stresses the robustness of the noax industrial PCs: “When constructing the sections, the computers are especially exposed to chips and sparks. Moreover, a lot of lubricants are used when manufacturing the pipes.These could easily penetrate a normal PC through the ventilation and damage it. But the noax hardware is completely sealed and lets nothing in.”

IPC Requirements:

  • Data recording directly on site in the shipyard halls
  • MES with BDA, control room and administration components
  • Automated employee time recording
  • Streamlining of work processes
  • Precise documentation and better control of individual work stages

Case Study Meyer Werft

Hardware used: