noax Olymel
noax Olymel
noax Olymel


Stainless Steel 12” noax industrial Computers Monitor Meat Safety

noax user-friendly touch screens are prime inspection tool

The Olymel facility in Saint-Esprit, QC is typical of the other processing plants within the company. Out of the noax computers throughout this plant, four noax computers are stationed along the inspection line to receive data on the carcass before it is processed. The computers, equipped with the plant-rugged motherboard developed in-house by noax, enable plant employees to feed data to the company’s mainframe system using the responsive and userfriendly touch screen as product moves along the process.

IPC Requirements:

  • Real time data collection during meat production
  • Building a traceability database to ensure product safety
  • Control and traffic product to final destination
  • Function in harsh, demanding environment, including exposure to cleaning chemicals, extreme temperatures including hot and cold, high humidity
  • High level of reliability to prevent work stoppages in plant

Case Study Olymel

Hardware used: