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Peter Mattfeld und Sohn GmbH

Stainless steel industrial PCs support Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and ensure traceability at meat processing facility

Easy cleaning and disinfection

For discerning customers in hotel management, catering, and the retail sector, Peter Mattfeld & Sohn GmbH offers high-quality pork, beef, poultry, fish, and seafood products. Even though the taste factor is the ultimate decider, quality extends so much further. From receipt of goods to dispatch, each process must meet the most strict food and hygiene standards. The industrial PC from noax, featuring a completely sealed, stainless steel housing, is custom-made for tasks at the meat processing facility. Thanks to its rugged design, it is able to withstand the daily cleaning procedure and guarantee uninterrupted documentation and traceability of all processing stages.

IPC Requirements:

  • Use for meat processing
  • Robust, resistant construction
  • Daily cleaning of the IPCs with disinfectants
  • Completely sealed construction in accordance with protection class IP69K
  • Easy-to-read touchscreen displays
  • Easy, intuitive operation by employees
  • Protection against cold, extreme temperature fluctuations, high humidity
  • Interfaces to various peripheral devices such as barcode scanners, printers
  • Maximum reliability in the most extreme conditions

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