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noax Schenker Deutschland Gabelstaplerkommunikation
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Case Study Schenker Deutschland AG

noax forklift terminals provide a global logistics leader with a reliable flow of information

Seamless data transfer

Schenker Deutschland AG is one of Germany’s leading logistics service providers with a portfolio that not only offers goods transportation services over land, water, and air, but also demonstrates the company’s particular commitment to supplying industrial production components with the utmost precision. Automotive industry firms are especially keen to take advantage of its services as these customers gain particular benefits from DB Schenker’s many years of experience and outstanding expertise. To ensure that the wide variety of logistics processes required before production can be carried out smoothly, staff members at the company’s logistics center in Hildesheim rely on sophisticated and robust Industrial PCs supplied by noax.

IPC Requirements:

  • Fully automated recording of goods movements in a logistics center
  • Communication between forklifts and company network via WLAN
  • Full WLAN coverage throughout the storage area
  • Secure data exchange via WLAN
  • Management of just-in-sequence production for the automotive industry
  • Flawless communication in accordance with ENX Association standards

Case Study Schenker Deutschland AG

Hardware used: