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Food & Hygienic Industrial Computers

For Food Processing & Hygienic Environments

Waterproof and Extremely Rugged

noax Technologies’ food and pharmaceutical computers have a smooth and fully enclosed housing made from polished stainless steel. These stainless steel industrial PCs have no joints or gaps between the touchscreen and the housing. In accordance with its IP69K rating, the completely sealed design protects all internal components from dust, water, strong disinfectants, and chemicals. It can be easily cleaned with high pressure hot water and cleaning agents.

Hygienic industrial computers are perfect for food processing, cold storage and medical applications. The IP69K enclosures are necessary in meat and poultry processing where high pressure wash-downs are part of the daily routine. The 21 programmable function keys and the clear touchscreen can withstand these stresses without needing to be covered up.

noax’s hygienic waterproof computers make your production processes more efficient, increase process security, and are guaranteed to last a long time.

Hygienic industrial computers are perfect for food processing, ...

Tough is our standard


  • IP65 and IP69K protection ratings (360º protection)
  • Food safe 304 stainless steel housing
  • Extended operating temperature range of -22°F and up to 131°F
  • Reduces time and IT costs through uniform images
  • Long-term parts availability, reduces the need to frequently purchase new units
  • High safety certification standards
  • Fully enclosed and easy to clean

Food Processing & Hygienic Industrial Computers:

Daily high-pressure cleaning (IP69K)

noax IP65 and IP69K (on all sides) computers are ideal for all procedures in food processing and hygienic applications. They can be fully cleaned using hot water, high pressure or strong disinfectants including acids and alkalis.

Cold Storage and Smoke Chambers

noax stainless steel computers optimize your warehouse processes and record data more reliably under the toughest conditions. They were created to meet the highest hygienic and temperature resistant demands. 

IP65 computer Glacier Fish Company Datas

nSMART – the intelligent noax software tool

noax “nSMART” software is easy to use and gives the administrator the option of configuring, measuring, assessing, and recording (temperatures, voltages, etc.) all settings as needed. All function keys can be individually configured using this software. nSMART is the central control unit for all of noax’s waterproof industrial computers.

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