Industrial Panel PC noax S19P
Industrial Panel PC noax S21

Hygiene PCs

of the Steel series

The industrial panel PC with 2 touch variants

Ideally suited for demanding industrial use

Latest on-board technology! With the N12 motherboard, the revolutionary Touch PC with the anti-reflective, thermally hardened all-glass front without joints or edges is absolutely robust and shockproof. The noax industrial PCs are available with two different touch versions: The standard analog resistive touch screen reacts to pressure. Whether with bare fingers or with gloves of any kind (e.g. latex or robust work gloves), user-friendly work with the industrial PC is made possible. The second variant with the PCAP multitouch technology can be operated with several fingers or two hands at the same time, just as you know it from a smartphone. The ability to use gloves is also unique, even under extreme operating conditions. In addition, it is characterized by excellent, previously unprecedented, touch sensitivity right up to the edge and is optimally tailored to intuitive operation with maximum use of the screen surface. Both variants are available in four different sizes and fulfill a wide range of tasks in all industrial areas:

Application examples, e.g. B .:

  • Multi-finger operation, zooming and rotating
  • View constructions / CAD drawings
  • Control machines
  • Record data (BDE, MDE, PZE)


  • Full HD display with automatic screen brightness
  • PCAP multi-touch technology or analog resistive touch screen - both can be operated with fingers and gloves
  • Completely closed industrial construction
  • No ventilation slots
  • Extended temperature range between -30 ° C to + 55 ° C
  • Tested protection classes up to IP69K (from all 6 sides)
  • Oil and dust tight, shock and vibration resistant
  • Front USB / Displayport
  • Standard interfaces
  • WLAN / GPS / cellular network
  • Up to 16 GB of RAM
  • Intel chipsets & CPUs up to i7

From IP66 to IP69K (on all sides)

As rugged as it gets – noax waterproof touchscreen PCs are certified up to protection class IP69K and can fully withstand the most extreme conditions, including high-pressure cleaning from all sides with 80+ degree hot water. They are protected against dust and shocks. The weatherproof IPC’s are inspected, tested, and certified by an independent institute. Certificates and videos can be found with the relevant stainless steel terminal.

Průmyslový počítač PC noax S21 vysokotlaký IP69K

The Latest Touchscreen Technology

With the noax stainless steel computer of the Steel series it is possible for the first time to use multi-touch technologies reliably even in harsh industrial environments. This is made possible by the intelligent PCAP (Projected Capacitive) technology, which has been perfected for industrial use. The functionality in the edge area and the ability to use gloves, even when wet, are unique. (Also available with an analog resistive touch.) In addition, the noax stainless steel PC has a large display that allows large buttons and thus enables ergonomic work with gloves.

PCAP industrial panel PC touch screen noax S21WP

Individually Configurable and Expandable

The waterproof industrial PC design is future-proof with the ability to be individually expanded through several interfaces. Serviceability and ease-of-use are provided by the micro-controller unit (MCU) and the noax nSMART software. nSMART is a noax software tool used to monitor and control the IPC. There are several options available for integrating the device into your existing infrastructure.

Industrie Computer noax S21 Nsmart right

Waterproof Touch Screen Computers:


Withstands strict industrial environments – IP65 or IP69K

The new noax industrial PC generation S15P and S15R in 5: 3 format, shines with its quality and robustness, paired with the latest technology and elegant design. Ideal for use in hygienic areas and production - in short: elegant design up to IP69K and robust technology.


The robust 18.5 “stainless steel computer - IP69K

The 18.5-inch 16: 9 IP69K computer increases the ease of use in comparison to the S15 thanks to its larger 18.5 "display. Graphics, process sequences or control buttons are displayed larger and more clearly, which makes work processes easier.


The stainless steel terminal - IP69K terminal

The 19-inch stainless steel terminal in 5: 3 format is part of the latest noax generation. With the anti-reflective, thermally hardened all-glass front with splinter protection without joints and edges, it meets the requirements for robustness, hygiene and design to the same extent. Certified with IP69K from all 6 sides.


The full HD stainless steel PC - IP69K PC

The 21.5-inch stainless steel industrial PC is the large version of the new noax generation. The PCAP Multi-Touch with anti-reflective, hardened all-glass front or in the resistive version without joints and edges and the Full HD display in 16: 9 format makes it a high-end industrial PC.

PCAP Steel Series – Technical Data

Steel Series – Accessories

Steel S21Wx mounted on table stand
Steel S19P on table stand
Steel S21Wx rugged PC mounted on pivoting table stand
Back view of S21Wx mounted on pivoting table stand
Steel S19P rugged PC mounted on pivoting table stand
Back view of S19 mounted on pivoting table stand
Vertical adjustable wall mount on a S21Wx industrial computer
Vertical adjustable wall mount on a S19P industrial computer
Rittal support system adapter mounted on 21inch steel IPC
Stainless steel table stand for noax industrial PC
Pivoting steel mounting bracket for industrial computers
Pivoting table stand for noax touchscreen industrial computers
Vertical adjustable wall mount for noax industrial touchscreen computers
S21 steel industrial PC on stainless steel floor stand
Rear view of S21Wx mounted to a stainless steel floor stand
S19P mounted to a stainless steel floor stand
Rear view of S19P mounted to a stainless steel floor stand
Connector cover for S21Wx industrial PC
Connector cover for S19P industrial PC
IP69K Connector Cover
IP65 connector cover with grommets on industrial PC
noax S15 S19 connector cover with cable feedthrough
IP69K Closed Connector Cover
IP65 Connector Cover with Grommets
IP69K closed connector cover on device
s19 PC
IP65 connector cover with grommets on S21Wx IPC
Touch It virtual keyboard software for noax industrial computers