Industrial Panel PC noax S19P
Industrial Panel PC noax S21

IP65 and IP69K Stainless Steel PCs

S15, S19, S21 waterproof touch screen computers

The industrial panel PC with 2 touch variants

ideal for demanding industrial applications

The revolutionary Touch PC is absolutely robust and shockproof with its non-reflecting, hardened all-glass front without joints and edges. In the PCAP Multitouch version, the Touch can be operated with several fingers or two hands at the same time, just as you would with a smartphone. The glove operability is also unique, even under extreme operating conditions. In addition, it is characterized by outstanding, hitherto unheard-of touch sensitivity up to industrial use: Elegant design up to IP69K edge area and robust optimally matched to intuitive operation with maximum utilization of the screen surface.

Application Examples:

  • Pinch operation – zooming and turning
  • Viewing designs/CAD-drawings
  • Machine control
  • Data collection (production data acquisition, machine data acquisition, time and attendance recording)


  • LED/Full-HD display with automatic brightness control
  • Multi-touch or resistive touch
  • IP65, NEMA 4, and up to IP69K protection rating
  • Shock & vibration resistant
  • Food Safe 304 stainless steel enclosure
  • No external fan
  • Extended temperature range – cold resistant down to -22°F & heat resistant up to 122°F
  • Expansion slots & standard interfaces
  • Intel Chipsets & CPUs up to i7
  • Up to 16 GB of RAM

From IP65 to IP69K

As rugged as it gets – noax stainless steel industrial PCs are certified up to protection class IP69K and can fully withstand the most extreme conditions, such as high-pressure cleaning from all sides with 80 degree hot water. They provide more reliability in addition to their protection against dust and shocks. The IP65 and IP69K protection classes for the stainless steel PC series were inspected, tested, and certified by an independent institute. Certificates and videos can be found with the relevant stainless steel terminal.

Průmyslový počítač PC noax S21 vysokotlaký IP69K

Multi-touch PC with the latest technologies

The noax stainless steel computer of the Steel series makes it possible for the first time to reliably use multi-touch technologies even in harsh industrial environments. This is made possible by the intelligent PCAP (Projected Capacitive) technology perfected for industrial use. The functionality in the edge area as well as the glove operability, even in wet conditions, are unique. In addition, the noax stainless steel PC has a large display that allows large buttons and thus ergonomic working with gloves.

PCAP industrial panel PC touch screen noax S21WP

Individually configurable and expandable

The modular PCAP industrial PC design is future-proof and user-friendly. It can be individually expanded through several interfaces. Serviceability and ease-of-use are provided by the micro-controller unit (MCU) and the noax nSMART software, which is used to monitor and control the hygienic industrial PC. There are also several options available for integrating the device into your existing infrastructure.

Industrie Computer noax S21 Nsmart right

PCAP Multi-touch PC – ready for Industry 4.0

Successful digitization requires quicker, more flexible and more efficient options for production. For this to happen, information must be available at the right time and in the right place. The noax PCAP (projected capacitive) enables multi-touch industrial computers to be used effectively for the first time in challenging industrial environments. noax transforms the PCAP multi-touch PC into a “smart” hardware device in modern production/manufacturing.

PCAB Industrial Panel PC noax S19P Multi-Touch

Ready for Industry 4.0

Successful digitization requires faster, more flexible and more efficient production options. The noax PCAP (Projected Capacitive) makes it possible to use multi-touch industrial computers easily within difficult industrial environments. The PCAP multi-touch PC is a "smart" hardware device in modern production/manufacturing.

PCAP Multi-touch PC – durable display

The S19P continues the Red Dot-awarded design of the S21WP and offers a 19” TFT display with a durable multi-touch screen made of tempered safety glass. The precise PCAP multi-touch and its intuitive smartphone-based gesture operation allows the user to more efficiently edit CAD drawings, images, 3D models, etc., whether it’s used in production or in sanitary areas. A unique feature is the ability to use the device wearing a variety of gloves, even around the edges of the touchscreen.

PCAB Industrial Panel PC noax S19P right

Stainless Steel Waterproof Computers:


Ideally suited for strict industrial requirements – IP69K

The S15P or S15R has an elegant design, quality, ruggedness and state-of-the-art technology. This industrial PC generation is designed for industrial use in wet environments.

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The 19" Stainless Steel Computer - IP69K

The 19-inch stainless steel computer belongs to the latest noax generation. It has an anti-reflective, hardened all-glass front with splinter protection and no joints or edges.

Industrial Panel PC noax S19P
19 inch Panel PC noax S19P side
Industrial Computer PC noax S19P Rear
Industrial Panel PC noax S19P top
PCAB Industrial Panel PC noax S19P right


The 21.5” Full-HD Rugged Steel Computer - IP69K

The 21.5-inch Industrial PC from the Steel Series is the largest version of the new noax generation. This top of the line industrial PC offers PCAP multi-touch technology with an anti-reflective, hardened, all-glass front and has no joints or edges. The Full-HD display in 16:9 format makes it the perfect solution for your rugged and hygienic industrial applications.

Industrial PC noax S21 Red Dot
Industrial Panel PC noax S21 side
Industrie Panel PC noax S21 hinten
Industrial Panel PC touch screen noax S21 below
Industrial Panel PCs noax S21 above
Industrial computer noax S21 left

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