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Touchscreen Panel PCs

Ideal for installation on walls and devices

Panel PCs with Touchscreen

Flat, smooth and versatile - the industrial Panel computer from our Panel Series is ideal for installation in control panels and control cabinets. Despite its thin installation depth, it exceeds expectations with its performance and high scalability. Depending on your unique needs, it can be equipped with different processors and storage media to support the acquisition and control of data. The noax Panel PC is fail-safe and reliable.

Only high-quality industrial components are used to create our industrial touchscreen Panel computers. They are made specifically for harsh production environments and applications that place high demand on hygienic conditions. Reliability and ease-of-use are a must in industrial applications. noax Panel computers have a high-contrast and extremely durable TFT display with an integrated touchscreen. These high-quality Panel PCs guarantee easy handling and optimal readability, even under harsh and poor lighting conditions.

Only high-quality industrial components ...


  • Compact and rugged industrial construction
  • Durable 15” LED display with integrated touchscreen
  • 304 stainless steel housing – protection class IP65 frontside
  • nSMART – controlling software
  • Can be installed in a 19-inch cabinet, shallow installation depth
  • Standard interfaces and PCl / Pcle slots
  • Sustainable product design, low power consumption
  • Windows® 10 (32-bit / 64-bit), RAID, cellular and much more

Industrial Panel Computers:

Low installation depth & long service life

The minimal installation depth of only 96mm makes the touchscreen Panel PC ideally suited for installation in machines, switch panels, control consoles, and switch cabinets. It can also be easily installed into a 19-inch cabinet using a special mounting frame.

The use of high-quality industrial components gives it a long service life, even with 24/7 continuous operation.

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Rugged Panel PCs with touchscreen

The panel PC is equipped with a rugged and durable LED display and integrated touchscreen, making work simple and comfortable, even while wearing protective gloves. The panel PC guarantees optimal readability and intuitive operation, even in difficult conditions and lighting situations.

Industrial Panel PC noax P15 IP65 work gloves

Extremely flexible

Several interfaces make the noax Panel PC an ideal industrial computer to integrate into your system. Old and new peripheral devices can be connected easily and PCI or PCIe upgrade options make it very flexible and adaptable.

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