Industrial Panel PC noax S19P
Industrial Panel PC noax S21

All-In-One Industrial Computers for Production

Steel – S19P & S21WP

Industrial HMI for your Industry 4.0 Smart Factory

Rugged & reliable to support the digitization of manufacturing operations

Industry 4.0 refers to the production processes in which people, machines and tools work in real time in an intelligently linked network at any location. Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by automating processes with more intelligent operations. This advancement in industrial processes puts advanced technologies to use directly on the manufacturing floor for data collection to increase predictive analytics and artificial intelligence.

noax all-in-one industrial PCs support this modernization in the manufacturing infrastructure. The full process from design to installation on machinery can be united in one digitized circuit. Production data is relayed without failures or media disruption and available in real-time on the plant floor.

The ruggedized computers function as collection and visualization terminals and can capture continuous feedback to be processed in production planning and ERP systems. The all-in-one capability and durability is critical in the development of an Industry 4.0 Smart Factory in harsh industrial environments. 

The all-in-one IPCs are great for use as an industrial HMI (human machine interface) by providing intuitive operation of machine controls. The rugged hardware helps guarantee process security, increase data consistency, and fill any gaps during the process. noax industrial HMI PCs are the perfect foundation for modern, networked production because of the carefully designed proprietary motherboard, various expandable interfaces and connectivity options. Integrating the all-in-one industrial computers into the existing infrastructure is seamless and will create self-controlling, self-regulating processes and improved workflow for more efficient processes.

noax all-in-one industrial PCs support ...

Application Examples:

  • Process visualization
  • Data acquisition
  • Machine control
  • Order picking
  • Quality assurance
  • Monitoring systems
  • and more

Tough is our standard


  • Guaranteed reliable & long product life cycle
  • Full-HD (LED) display with automatic brightness control
  • PCAP multi-touch technology – can use with most gloves
  • Zero bezel, completely sealed design
  • Polished 304 stainless steel housing
  • IP65 protection rating – resistant to dust, dirt, shock & vibration, water ingress
  • Extended temperature range optional: cold resistant from -22°F (32°F for S21WP), heat resistant up to 122℉ (104℉ for S21WP)
  • Front USB & additional interfaces (see data sheet)
  • Up to 16 GB of RAM
  • Expansion slots to connect peripheral devices: PLCs, I/O boards (PCI and PCIe), printers, scales and scanners, & more
  • WLAN / GPS / Mobile

PCAP Technology

The intelligent PCAP (projected capacitive) touch technology has been perfected for industrial application, allowing multi-touch computers to be used in challenging environments. The precise technology and an intuitive swipe function allow the user to edit CAD drawings, images, 3D models, etc., more efficiently. It can even be operated while wearing most gloves.

S21 Multitouch PC PCAP industry noax S21

Expandable Connectivity

Different applications require a variety of peripheral devices. noax’s all-in-one industrial computers are equipped with expansion slots for PCI and PCI Express (PCIe) enabling a multitude of possibilities. The rugged PCs can be extended for new and old interfaces, making them ideal for industrial HMI workstations.

IPC S21WP Multi-Touch PC

Network & Wireless Production Processes

GPS and Bluetooth are available as add-ons making it a true all-in-one industrial HMI solution. The all-in-one industrial PCs are equipped with high-performance internal antennas, ensuring consistent data transfer without interruptions. See data sheet for additional options.

Industrial PC noax S21 Wifi right

All-in-One Industrial PCs for Production:


The PCAP stainless steel terminal – IP65

The 19-inch display offers an enlarged view of images and software functions. Data entry with common SCADA and production data acquisition software is simple and ergonomic.

Industrial Panel PC noax S19P
Industrial Panel PC noax S19P top
Industrial Computer PC noax S19P Rear
19 inch Panel PC noax S19P side
PCAB Industrial Panel PC noax S19P right


The widescreen PCAP stainless steel PC – IP65

The 21.5-inch all-in-one industrial PC is the largest display of the noax industrial HMI terminals. This top of the line IPC has an anti-reflective, PCAP multi-touch screen and Full-HD display in 16:9 format.

Industrial PC noax S21 Red Dot
Industrial Panel PCs noax S21 above
Industrie Panel PC noax S21 hinten
Industrial Panel PC noax S21 side
Industrial Panel PC touch screen noax S21 below
Industrial computer noax S21 left

S19P & S21WP - Technical Data

S19P & S21WP - Accessories

Steel S21Wx mounted on table stand
Steel S19P on table stand
Steel S21Wx rugged PC mounted on pivoting table stand
Back view of S21Wx mounted on pivoting table stand
Steel S19P rugged PC mounted on pivoting table stand
Back view of S19 mounted on pivoting table stand
Vertical adjustable wall mount on a S21Wx industrial computer
Vertical adjustable wall mount on a S19P industrial computer
Rittal support system adapter mounted on 21inch steel IPC
Stainless steel table stand for noax industrial PC
Pivoting steel mounting bracket for industrial computers
Pivoting table stand for noax touchscreen industrial computers
Vertical adjustable wall mount for noax industrial touchscreen computers
S21 steel industrial PC on stainless steel floor stand
Rear view of S21Wx mounted to a stainless steel floor stand
S19P mounted to a stainless steel floor stand
Rear view of S19P mounted to a stainless steel floor stand
Connector cover for S21Wx industrial PC
Connector cover for S19P industrial PC
IP69K Connector Cover
IP65 connector cover with grommets on industrial PC
noax S15 S19 connector cover with cable feedthrough
IP69K Closed Connector Cover
IP65 Connector Cover with Grommets
IP69K closed connector cover on device
IP65 connector cover with grommets on S21Wx IPC
Touch It virtual keyboard software for noax industrial computers