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Panel PC noax

for wall and device installation

Panel PCs with touchscreen

noax industrial PCs support the digitization and networking of production

Flat, smooth and versatile - this is how the industrial panel PC with touchscreen from the panel series presents itself. Ideal for installation in control panels, control consoles or control cabinets. But despite the small installation depth, it impresses with its performance and high scalability. Depending on the application, it can be equipped with different processors and storage media and thus supports the acquisition and control of data - fail-safe and reliable.

Only high-quality industrial components are used for our Panel PC. It is therefore particularly suitable for harsh production environments and applications that place high demands on hygiene. Reliability and ease of use are a must, especially for industrial applications. That is why we have equipped our Panel PCs with high-contrast and extremely durable TFT displays with touch functions. The high-quality Panel PC guarantees easy handling and optimal readability, even under adverse conditions.

Only high quality industrial components are ...

Application examples:

  • Control machines
  • Weigh products

  • Visualize processes

Tough is our standard


  • Compact and robust, completely closed industrial design
  • Can be installed in a 19-inch cabinet, low installation depth

  • Front panel made of V2A stainless steel including front USB - protection class IP65

  • Analog resistive touch or PCAP multi-touch technology - can be operated with fingers and gloves

  • Full HD display with automatic screen brightness

  • High flexibility and expandability through standard interfaces and PCl / PCle slots

  • nSMART - comfortable software for setting, monitoring and evaluation

Industrial panel PC for installation

The specialty of the noax Panel PC is its high performance and scalability paired with its low installation depth. This makes it an all-rounder when it comes to installation in control cabinets, walls, control panels or control panels. The Panel PC can also be easily installed in a 19-inch cabinet using a special installation frame.

S21 Multitouch PC PCAP industry noax S21

Robust panel PC in 2 touchscreen variants

Equipped with a robust and durable LED or Full HD display (depending on size and configuration) and an integrated touchscreen, the Panel PC is easy and convenient to work with, even with protective gloves - the 18.5 "and 21.5 models “Are also available as multi-touch with PCAP technology. The Panel PC guarantees optimal readability and intuitive operation even under poor and light conditions.

IPC S21WP Multi-Touch PC

IP65 and V2A stainless steel

The P15 Panel PC with V2A front panel and the P18 and P21 with a lacquered aluminum front panel are closed on the front, in accordance with protection standard IP65. This protects the high-quality industrial components from extreme environmental conditions such as dust, water or moisture. This is why it is particularly suitable for harsh production environments and applications that have high requirements, e.g. B. to the hygiene, the right choice.

Industrial PC noax S21 Wifi right

Industrial panel PCs:


The universal and robust noax Panel PC

The 15-inch industrial panel PC from noax is designed for wall or device installation. The extremely robust and compact Panel PC with the robust touch can therefore be installed almost anywhere in industry. Especially where there is little space available.

Panel PC touch screen noax P15 rear


The 18.5 “multi-touch panel PC - IP65 terminal

The 18.5-inch display is the ideal size when it comes to compact installation dimensions and software buttons should be displayed in a nice size. For example, when using common MDE and BDE software. With this resolution, data entry on the 18.5 inch panel PC is made much easier. The screen size is also ideal for the visualization of graphics and images. Available with analog resistive touchscreen or PCAP multi-touchscreen.


The 21.5 “widescreen panel PC

The 21.5-inch Panel PC is the large version of the new generation of noax built-in devices. If you opt for the configuration with PCAP multi-touch technology, you benefit from the anti-reflective, hardened all-glass front without joints or edges. The noax quality paired with the Full HD display in 16: 9 format makes it a high-end industrial PC.

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