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Rugged vehicle computers for the toughest environments

Faster order picking, more reliable delivery, and increased efficiency – noax’s rugged warehouse and logistics computers are designed to reliably operate in harsh conditions. They can withstand rain or snow, heat and humidity, cold and freezer storage, dust, dirt, shocks and vibrations (certified EN60721-3-5 class 5M3 standards). Our logistics computers can be easily mounted on industrial vehicles and will operate for several years without interruption on forklifts, cranes, in warehouses and shipyards, rough and uneven terrain, mining, on tunnel boring machines, in construction vehicles, and other rough environments.

Our rugged vehicle-mount IPCs capture data in real time by providing reliable and long lasting hardware. Logistical operations require error-free and rugged mobile technology that can easily integrate into the existing IT infrastructure and applications. WiFi, network and GPS connectivity provides real time communication and mobile data acquisition for in-vehicle operations.

The logistics terminals and forklift PCs of the Compact Series have proven their worth over the years in all areas of warehouse and logistics operations – during order picking, inventory management, and truck dispatching. The Logistics Series IPC‘s have slim dimensions, high flexibility, and a wide variety of options for user-specific configuration.

The logistics terminals and forklift PCs of the Compact Series ...


  • Reliable wireless connection
  • Shock & vibration resistant (certified EN60721-3-5 class 5M3 standards)
  • Extended temperature range of -22°F and up to 131°F
  • Easy access with front USB
  • Several connectivity options (I/O cards, barcode scanners, label printers, etc.)
  • Integrated UPS provides maximum data security
  • Automatic brightness control provides optimal viewing in adverse lighting conditions
  • Optional mobile safety function for increased productivity and occupational safety
  • Reduces time and IT costs through uniform images
  • Long-term parts availability reduces the need to frequently purchase new units

Warehouse & Logistics Computers:

5M3 Shock & Vibration - IP66 Certification

noax warehouse and logistics PCs are protected against external elements such as dust, moisture, fluctuating temperatures, shock and vibrations. These ruggedized mobile computers can reliably withstand operation on vehicles in rough terrain, uneven ground, and in summer or winter (5M3 S&V certification).

Vehicle computer Iglo

Internal UPS Prevents Data Loss

noax’s integrated, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) bridges short term power failure and voltage drops in vehicles. The rugged mobile vehicle PC continues to run preventing data loss when a forklift or industrial vehicle suddenly shuts off. The internal UPS on the logistics computer also guarantees operational readiness in extended temperature ranges of -22°F to +133°F.

Vehicle Mounted PC noax


Wireless connection over internal or external antennas enables secure mobile data transfer while the industrial vehicle is operating. The vehicle IPCs capture and provide data in real time.

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