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Forklift computers and logistics terminals for warehouses & logistics

Faster order picking, more reliable delivery, and increased efficiency – noax forklift computers capture data right where it arises. Thanks to WLAN, mobile connection, or GPS, information is instantly available to your entire company.

The noax configuration tool, “nSMART”, makes configuring a forklift PC simple. The rugged design of our forklift computers make them especially suited for extreme loads, and able to resist shock and vibrations, heat, cold temperatures in the deep-freeze warehouse, or sudden temperature changes. noax logistics terminals work perfectly in sun, rain, snow or ice with an extended temperature range of - -22°F to + 131°F.

The convenient and ergonomic features of the touch panel are very beneficial to users. It is simple and intuitive to use with your fingers, touch pens, and gloves. The display brightness adjusts automatically due to a light sensor that measures current lighting conditions. This ensures optimal readability in strong sunlight or fluctuating ambient light.

Our comprehensive line of accessories, including brackets, RFID readers, scanners and keyboards allows you to design functional and ergonomic workstations to fit your company's needs. We have the right solution for optimizing your logistics processes and costs.

The optimized WLAN properties ensure reliability when working, even with mobile applications. Along with the renowned noax ruggedness, these features ensure the 12” and 15” logistics terminals are exceptionally well suited for use in inventory management and transport logistics. The 12-inch PC, from either the C or S series, is perfect if space is limited. The bigger display of the 15” model is ideal for use in larger industrial vehicles.

The logistics terminals of the Compact series and the Steel series have proven their worth over the years in all areas of application in logistics – during order picking and inventory management, as well as during dispatch of trucks, or transport. As logistics hardware, they are distinguished by their slim dimensions, high flexibility, and numerous options for user-specific configuration.

Quality - Made in Germany

  • Reliable wireless connection
  • Resistant to shock and vibration
  • Maximum data security due to integrated UPS
  • Reduces time and IT costs through uniform images
  • Reduces the need to frequently purchase new units due to long-term parts availability


The logistics terminals of the Compact series and the Steel series

5M3 S&V and IP65 Certification

Thanks to their rugged design, noax order-picking PCs are protected against external elements such as dust, moisture, fluctuating temperatures, and shocks and vibrations. noax logistics PCs can reliably withstand being in vehicles on rough terrain or uneven ground, in summer and winter (5M3 S&V certification). In order to satisfy the high demands for logistics reliability, noax engineers have been paying attention to shock and vibration resistance right from the outset when developing the logistics terminals and selecting the components.

Vehicle computer Iglo

Increased reliability through UPS

In order to enhance data security during mobile data capture with order-picking computers, it is important to have a consistent power supply without voltage fluctuations. This particularly applies when starting a vehicle or while transporting loads to higher storage locations. Therefore, noax order-picking computers can optionally be equipped with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This ensures that the order-picking computer consistently functions and prevents interruptions to the work process during power fluctuations. noax's integrated UPS increases the reliability of mobile logistics applications, and protects against data loss and operation interruptions.

Vehicle Mounted PC noax

WLAN and RFID reader - convenience while working

Wireless connection over internal or external antennae and the noax RFID reader enables convenient operation of the vehicle PC. The sturdy plastic housing of the reader and the consistent omission of moving components ensure the highest level of shock, impact, and vibration resistance. The RFID reader has a completely sealed design in accordance with protection standard IP65, which protects it on all sides (360 degrees) against extreme environmental conditions, such as dust, water, or moisture. Its direct integration facilitates an ergonomic workstation design – data can be read out quickly and easily.

Cabin terminals Iglo data collection

High level of user comfort with the service USB

The easy-access USB connection on the front panel of the forklift terminal makes it possible to load data from a USB device or to connect another peripheral device. This can only occur if it has been approved for use ahead of time. The forklift terminal USB connection is protected in line with IP65 and can also be sealed with a rubber lip. No dirt, dust, or water can get inside the device.

Truck PC Iglo Harvester driver communication

Additional Tools & Features

The noax order-picking computer can be equipped with a range of features. This includes mobile communication or WLAN, which enables secure data transfer when moving. Thanks to the internal and external WLAN antennas, the order-picking terminals can capture and provide data in real-time. The mobile safety module ensures increased occupational health and safety. The noax RFID reader is available with numerous standards such as Hitag™, Mifare® and Legic®, and is designed to simplify the processes. In addition to a front USB port, noax order-picking PCs come with a range of connectivity options such as I/O cards, barcode scanners, or label printers.


WIFI touch terminal Gummiwerk Kraiburg forklift

Extended temperature range

The vehicle PC can be equipped with an extended temperature range for application in heat or cold. Specially tested components enables application in environments from --22°F up to 131°F. Complex testing ensures that they are reliable, even in extreme temperatures. This makes the noax vehicle PC the perfect computer for challenging climatic conditions.

noax Stainless Steel Series