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Logistics terminals - ideally suited for use on forklifts and industrial trucks

The logistics terminals of the Automation series have proven themselves in all logistical areas of application: in order picking and warehouse management as well as in the handling of trucks or transport. When used as logistics hardware, the forklift terminals are characterized by their handy dimensions, high flexibility and numerous options for user-specific configuration.

The 10, 12 & 15 “of the noax automation series, protected up to protection class IP66, are waterproof and dustproof as well as resistant to shocks and vibrations. Thanks to their compact dimensions, the logistics terminals offer vehicle drivers sufficient space in their cabs to work comfortably and safely. Despite its small dimensions, the screen diagonal of 12 or 15 inches enables comfortable operation of the touch screen, even when wearing gloves. Whether 12 or 15 inches, with these logistics terminals you benefit from the additional high performance, which also plays an important role in logistics.

Application Examples:

  • Order picking
  • Data recording
  • Vehicle navigation


  • TFT display with automatic screen brightness
  • Projective-capacitive touchscreen - finger and glove operable
  • Completely closed industrial construction
  • No ventilation slots
  • Extended temperature range between -30 ° C to + 55 ° C
  • Oil and dust tight, shock and vibration resistant
  • Front USB
  • Internal UPS
  • Standard interfaces
  • WLAN / GPS / cellular network
  • Up to 16 GB of RAM
  • Up to Intel Atom® x7-E3950 quad-core processor, 8 GB RAM

Certified quality - IP66 certificate

The water and dust resistance of 10, 12 & 15 “All-in-one industrial PCs was checked by an external independent laboratory and confirmed with the IP66 certificate. Their areas of application and applications can be found, for example, in logistics, on industrial trucks or machines outdoors, but also indoors in the warehouse. In addition, noax is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008. This guarantees you continuously consistent quality in relation to our products, services and processes.

Touch forklift computer noax Gummiwerk Kraiburg

Internal UPS protects against data loss

The integrated, uninterruptible power supply from noax bridges brief power outages or drops in vehicles. This prevents a sudden shutdown of the running logistics terminal and the associated loss of data that has not been saved. The UPS bridging means that the data recorded on the move is retained and is available to employees even if the power supply is interrupted. The internal UPS guarantees continuous operational readiness in the temperature range of -30 ° C to + 45 ° C of the forklift PC, also e.g. B. during the starting process of a vehicle. This guarantees a very high level of data and process security.

Mobile safety module for more safety

The optional noax mobile safety module ("ignition key switch function") ensures more work and operational safety. The connection of the logistics terminals with the vehicle electronics enables numerous configuration options. B. the logistics terminal is automatically started when the vehicle is started or the display brightness is automatically lowered when the journey begins. It is also possible to lock input options in order to avoid distraction while driving. However, if the vehicle stops, the full functionality of the logistics terminal, such as screen, touchscreen, control buttons, keyboard or peripheral devices, is immediately available to the driver.

WIFI touch terminal Gummiwerk Kraiburg forklift

Shock and vibration resistant

Rough terrain, bumpy ground - your daily work environment? Then the robust logistics terminals from noax are just right. The exclusive use of high-quality industrial components as well as the special securing of plugs and components ensure a high level of vibration and shock resistance. In the field or especially in underground tunnel construction, for example, very high hardware requirements are made in terms of compressed air, temperature, humidity and vibrations. For years, noax industrial computers have been fail-safe for our customers and often work in 24/7 shifts.

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Forklift & Vehicle Mount Computers:

10 inches for logistics

Mobility with high performance

Small and powerful is its unbeatable strength. The 10 inch screen diagonal enables perfect integration into any warehouse and logistics environment that offers less space - mobile and stationary. It is equipped for performance and performance just like its "big" brothers, the 12 "and 15" logistics terminals.

The logistics terminal 12 inches

The popular universal logistics PC

The 12 “logistics terminal from the automation series is ideal for forklifts and industrial trucks. With its compact dimensions and the front USB connection, it offers the highest level of convenience, can be integrated quickly and easily and thus brings more security and efficiency to your logistics processes. Choose between two different types of touch.

The 15 inch logistics terminal

The logistics PC for a larger display

For logistics processes with many details, the 15 "logistics terminal with the 15" screen diagonal offers considerably more user-friendliness in terms of operation and visualization.

Industrial Computer Reference C12
Industrial Computer Reference C12
Industrial Computer Reference C12
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Stainless steel floor stand for noax rugged PCs
Acrylic universal table stand for all noax rugged industrial computers
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