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All in One Logistics Computer

Ideal for Forklifts, industrial vehicles and industrial conveyors

The IP65 protection rated C12 is waterproof, dustproof and resistant to shocks and vibrations. The compact C12 forklift computer offers sufficient space for operators to work comfortably and safely in their cabins. Despite its small dimensions, the 12-inch touchscreen easily and conveniently operates, even while wearing gloves.

The rugged all-in-one logistics computer is ideal for forklift vehicles and industrial trucks. With its compact dimensions and front USB connection, it offers maximum convenience, can be integrated quickly and easily bringing more safety and efficiency to your logistics processes.

Application Examples:

  • Order picking
  • Data recording
  • Safeguarding quality
  • Controlling machines
  • Visualize processes
  • Navigate vehicles
  • & much more


  • High-contrast, LED display w/ automatic brightness control – for optimal readability in poor lighting conditions
  • Resistive-analog touchscreens – easy operation, even while wearing gloves
  • IP65 protection rating – water & dust proof, resistant to shock & vibrations
  • Extended temperature range of -22° and up to 133°F
  • Standard interfaces - Front USB, PCI/PCIe cards, I/O cards, barcode scanners, or label printers.
  • Mobile safety function
  • Internal UPS
  • WLAN / GPS / Mobile
  • Up to 16 GB of RAM
  • Extremely reliable, built to run 24/7 for several years
  • Customizable to fit your unique applications

Certified quality – IP65 certificate

The water and dust resistance of the C12 all-in-one industrial PC has been tested and awarded an IP65 certificate by an external, independent lab. Its application areas and uses include logistics, industrial conveyors, or indoor and outdoor machines. noax is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. This ensures that our products, services, and processes are consistently high in quality.

Touch forklift computer noax Gummiwerk Kraiburg

Internal UPS protects against data loss

noax’s integrated, uninterruptible power supply bridges short term power failure and voltage drops in vehicles. This prevents a running forklift PC from suddenly shutting off, and preventing the loss of unsaved data. By using UPS-bridging, information is retained and available to employees, even in the event of an interrupted power supply. The internal UPS guaranties constant operational readiness of the forklift computerin the temperature range of -22°F to +113°F. This ensures very high data and process security, even during the start-up process of a vehicle.


Mobile safety module for increased security

The optional noax mobile safety module “ignition key switch function” ensures increased productivity and operational safety. Connecting the logistics computer to the vehicle’s electronics enables various configuration possibilities – for example: when starting the vehicle, the logistics PC will automatically turn on and the display brightness will automatically decrease at the start of travel. Input options can be locked to prevent accident-causing distractions while driving. However, if the vehicle stops, the driver is immediately able to access all functionalities.

WIFI touch terminal Gummiwerk Kraiburg forklift

Shock and vibration-resistant

Rough terrain, bumpy ground – is this your daily work environment? The exclusive use of high-quality industrial components specialized mounting of plugs and other components, ensure a high level of vibration and shock resistance. When working in the field or during underground tunnel construction in particular, very high demands are placed on hardware because of compressed air, temperature, moisture, and vibrations.

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All-in-one Logistics Computers:


Universal and ruggedized – IP65

The 12” logistics PC is ideal for forklifts and industrial vehicles. Its compact size and front USB is convenient and easily integrates with your current logistics processes.

C12P Ansicht Seitlich
C12P Ansicht Hinten
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Industrial PC user C12
Industrial Computer Reference C12
noax IPCs User Report C15 and C12
Industrial Computer Reference C12
Industrial Computer Reference C12
noax Industrial PC Compact 12 and 15
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Logistics terminal - Technical data

Logistics terminal – accessories

Tischgerätehalter Industrie PC noax
Tischgerätehalter Logistikterminal
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noax device holder S12 S15 short
noax device holder S12 S15 long
Forklift terminal noax assembly system
Forklift terminals noax C12
Industrial PC noax stand
noax Industrial-PC
Steckerabdeckung geschlossen Logistikterminal
RFID Steckerabdeckung Logistik PC
noax Stapler PC Steckerabdeckung
Logistikterminal mit Steckerabdeckung
Steckerabdeckung mit Kabelverschraubung
Steckerabdeckung mit Gummitüllen für noax Stapler PC
noax forklift terminal C12 with keyboard
noax computer touchscreen