Logistics Series

L10, L12 & L15

noax forklift terminals

The new multi-touch line for in-vehicle operations

The L10, L12 & L15 logistics terminals are sleekly designed and proven noax quality, state-of-the-art PCAP touch technology and an elegant all-glass front. Despite the slim design, several functions, such as Bluetooth, WLAN, WWAN, GPS, UPS battery and an RFID multireader, can be integrated into the new logistics terminals. Three different screen displays (10", 12" and 15") provide easy integration into small spaces on industrial trucks for mobile data acquisition.


  • Order picking
  • Quality Assurance
  • Navigation
  • and much more


  • High-contrast, LED display w/ automatic brightness control – for optimal readability in poor lighting conditions
  • Resistive-analog touchscreen – operates with thick gloves
  • IP65 protection rating – waterproof, dustproof and shock & vibration resistant
  • Extended temperature range of -22° and up to 133°F
  • Standard interfaces - Front USB, PCI/PCIe cards, I/O cards, barcode scanners, or label printers.
  • Mobile safety function
  • Internal Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
  • WLAN / GPS / Mobile
  • Up to 16 GB of RAM
  • Extremely reliable, built to run 24/7 for several years
  • Customizable to fit your unique applications

Certified to IP66 and 5M3 for extreme conditions

With an IP66 protection rating, the forklift terminals of the L series are perfect for environments with high requirements and in extreme conditions. They reliably withstand water, dust, intense vibration, heat and cold.

Compact design to save space on industrial vehicles

The slim and sleek design can be mounted to almost any industrial truck to save space. The 10 or 12-inch forklift terminals are perfect for limited space. Vehicles with more cabin space can fit the larger 15“ touchscreen forklift PC.

Internal UPS protects against data loss

The integrated, uninterruptible power supply bridges brief power failures in vehicles during mobile operation. This prevents a sudden shutdown of the running forklift PC and the loss of unsaved data. The internal UPS guarantees continuous operational readiness in the temperature range of -30° C to + 45° C .

State-of-the-art PCAP touch technology for ergonomic operation

An extremely resistant front panel made of hardened safety glass forms the basis for this robust multi-touch forklift PC. The bright display with integrated LED multifunctional buttons can be easily configured via the nSMART user interface. Thanks to its excellent functionality, the logistics terminal can also be operated right up to the edge, even with gloves.


Extremely compact

At 10 inches, it is the smallest logistics terminal in the Logistics Series. This makes it perfect for in-vehicle operations on the smallest forklifts and in warehouses and logistics processes. Despite the compact design, the antennas are integrated and protected from damage.


Proven reliability

The 12“ projective capacitive multi-touch forklift PC provides more conveneint viewing for data acquisition, inventory management and tracking.


Ergonomic & comfortable

The largest logistics terminal boasts a 15“ display and multi-touch technology. noax’s newest product line features innovative projective capacitive touchscreens and an anti-reflective, hardened glass front panel that is completely smooth on all sides. The Logistics Series are extremely durable despite their compact size.

Logistics series - Technical Data