noax hygienic computers improve productivity

Our water-resistant stainless steel PCs will meet the industry’s highest hygienic requirements

Our hygienic computers are perfectly suited for use in the food processing, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries as well as in medicine. Whether noax PCs are used for uninterrupted traceability, formula checking, weighing or for controlling production, they guarantee absolute reliability.

The housing, made of V2A stainless steel, is completely sealed (up to IP69K rating) and does not have joints or grooves. Therefore, our water-resistant PCs, thin clients, weighing terminals, and keyboards can be easily cleaned even with aggressive disinfectants. noax hardware is easy to operate thanks to the 20 freely programmable function keys and clear touchscreen. The display provides optimal readability, even under difficult lighting conditions. The rugged design of the noax PCs guarantee absolute reliability, safety and efficiency for your production processes.



Produce more hygienically!
IPCs in the food processing industry

Sterile PCs from noax control machines, formulas and provide documentation support. They therefore meet the strict EU directives for traceability and hygiene. more

Measure with greater precision!
IPCs in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry

The water-resistant stainless steel PCs and weighing terminals from noax visualize and monitor operational processes. Even under clean room conditions. This makes your entire production process more transparent. more



Treat patients more efficiently!
Medical PCs in the healthcare industry and medical technology

Medical computers from noax provide patient data, visualize image files and aid in the production of prostheses and implants. This ensures better patient care. more

Record more reliably!
noax stainless steel PCs for the cold storage industry

noax Sterile PCs on ground conveyors, like forklifts, can withstand temperatures in cold storage as well as abrupt temperature changes. Perfect for use in cold storage. more

More precise weighing!
Weighing terminals in the hygiene field

Industrial weighing terminals combine the benefits of an industrial PC and an electronic scale, especially for use with hygienically sensitive products. This makes weighing easier. more