noax industrial PCs optimize your production processes

noax industrial PCs help you improve productivity
in your manufacturing plant

… because they bring with them the benefits of modern information and communications technology in your production centers. noax industrial PCs, Thin Clients and weighing terminals are characterized by a completely sealed design and a shock-, and vibration-resistant construction. The rugged design of our computers guarantees absolute reliability. Malfunctions and operational interruptions are no longer an issue. Numerous interfaces and an extensive line of accessories ensure that our industrial PCs, Thin Clients or weighing terminals are perfectly integrated into your IT environment and can be expanded through diverse brackets and resistant keyboards. Whether it's machine control, production data acquisition, process visualization or quality control, noax computers will improve your productivity for the long term.



Streamline documentation!
Industrial computers for PDA, MDA and T&A

noax industrial terminals reliably record production and machine data as well as time and attendance. This gives you transparency for all processes. They will reduce your processing times and show greater flexibility.more



Operate more reliably!
Machine PCs for machine control

Machine computers from noax reliably control your production plants. Despite dust, moisture, vibration or shock, they guarantee absolute reliability, even in 24-hour continuous operation.more



Clearer display!
IPCs in process visualization

noax IPCs display processes clearly in real-time. The high-contrast touch (up to 19") screen facilitates reading and operation. It gives you an overview of all processes and your can respond in real time. more



Precision inspections!
IPCs in quality assurance

Industrial PCs from noax log and store all relevant information from production. They provide transparency for more efficient quality assurance.more

Obtain information faster! Industrial computers as information terminals

noax info terminals with touch screen function display construction plans or simulate function scenarios. As an info terminal, they provide their employees with important production information that can be retrieved from the workstation.more

More precise weighing!
Weighing terminals in manufacturing & production

Industrial weighing terminals combine the benefits of an industrial PC and an electronic scale. They precisely determine the weights and prepare them for other applications. This makes weighing easier.more