Lab computer in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries

Improve quality through electronically
controlled processes

Determine the exact compound, check for the right mix ratio, tighten production: With the help of our chemical PCs, you can correctly control the formula of chemical elements, document the entire manufacturing process and ensure traceability. Particularly in the case of chemical or medication production, when even the most minute deviations or contaminants can cause considerable damages. Our lab computers help record production data, monitor production, visualize production processes and much more. In combination with the scale accessories, you have the option of immediately determining, displaying and storing exact measurement results. Therefore, hardware from noax perfectly meets the demand from chemical and pharmaceutical companies for the most modern and rugged hardware on the market.

Production under hygienic conditions

The housing of our pharmaceutical computer is made of V2A stainless steel and is completely sealed up to protection class IP69k. This means that the internal components of our computers are reliably protected against particles from production and other contaminants, even under high pressure. In addition, the housing is smooth without grooves or joints where dirt can settle. Therefore, you do not have to make sacrifices in the quality of your products. Our Lab computers are also very easy to clean because they withstand water, disinfectants and even acid and alkaline solutions. Lab PCs from noax can come into contact with water, grease, or emulsions and nevertheless guarantee 100 percent hygienic manufacturing conditions.

Easy to use

Not only are the internal components of these PCs ideal for chemical or pharmaceutical working environments, they are also easy to operate under these conditions. All data can be conveniently entered via the touch screen. This frees up the hands of your employees to perform their real duties. The bright touch screen display shows all information, even when very dirty or positioned in tough-to-read angles.
In addition to their user-friendliness, our pharmaceutical PCs are characterized by a broad range of application options. Our Chemical PCs have numerous connections and interfaces, making them easy to individually expand and upgrade a Lab PC. noax hardware allows your company to produce more reliably and efficiently.