noax mobile PCs for
optimizing logistics

With noax forklift PCs, you can increase productivity

noax mobile PCs  record  data immediately  regardless of location. Thanks to WLAN or GPS/GPRS, information can easily be made available and communicated throughout an entire company. Due to their rugged design, our noax mobile computers are engineered to withstand the most extreme conditions  including: shocks, vibrations, extreme temperatures, and abrupt temperature fluctuations.   noax mobile PCs  are able to function in various types of weather including rain, snow and ice thanks to their completely sealed design. Also, noax mobile PCs’ touchscreens are easy to use and offer optimal readability, even in bright sunlight.

With our extensive line of products and accessories including industrial brackets, scanners and keyboards, your workstations will be able to meet your company's needs.




Faster order picking!
noax forklift computer in warehouse logistics

Forklift computer from noax turn pallet trucks, ground conveyors, forklift trucks and commercial trucks into mini computer centers. Perfect for recording all goods movements directly on site in real-time. more

Record more reliably!
noax cold PCs for the cold storage industry

noax cold PCs or noax IPCs on ground conveyors, like pallet trucks resist temperatures in the cold storage area as well as sudden temperature changes. Perfect for use in cold storage. more



More efficient planning!
noax order picking PCs in production logistics

Order picking computers from noax display the goods in stock, record the production data, visualize processes and on the way to production. They identify potentials and improve your production. more



Streamlined driving!
noax vehicle PC on trucks, cranes and machines

noax vehicle computer on trucks, construction and agricultural machinery withstand outdoor influences such as dust, dirt, moisture, shock and extreme temperatures when measuring, recording and documenting data. more



Navigate with greater precision!
noax industrial PCs in mining and tunnel construction

noax industrial PCs control special machines underground. They can handle harsh working environments. Even in the case of dust, dirt, moisture, or vibration, they function dependably and reliably. more



Precision weighing!
Weighing technology in the warehouse and logistics

Weighing technology combine the benefits of an industrial PC and an electronic scale. They precisely determine the weights and prepare them for other applications. This makes weighing easier. more