Manufacturing & Production

Shorter setup times, lower cost – IPCs are opening up potential for enhanced efficiency in an industrial drop forging mill

Although the history of Krenhof AG extends back over 350 years, the forge works can only meet the requirements of its customers in the automotive and construction industries through the use of state-of-the-art technology.more

Continuous Operation 24/7 – 16 Years Without Interruption

“When considering the investment decision, we paid close attention to longevity and operational reliability. With that said, noax was and is miles ahead of its competitors.” “We have never had any production downtime!”more

Rugged requirements

Resilient, reliable, efficent – these properties set the products from the Dossmann GmbH iron foundry apart from the rest, supported by rugged Industrial PCs from noax.more

20 percent more performance

The noax IPCs and the milling centers work together in a way which allows ALSTO to increase its production performance and to successfully hold its ground in a difficult market.more

Automotive Logistics

Functional, high quality, ecological, and efficient – WITTE Automotive does achieve these visions in its products; and noax Industrial PCs make a fundamental contribution in the logistics department. more

Computers as rugged as the industry they serve

Aluminum is the most prevalently used metal in today‘s society with extensive function in the transportation, home construction and food packaging industries. At the JW Aluminum plant, customer requirements are as diverse as the...more

Shavings and flying sparks

Thanks to the use of noax IPCs in conjunction with improved software, MEYER WERFT can streamline its work processes and offer employees greater convenience. more

System stability

"It is very important for us that the computers always run properly and function as reliably and failure-free as possible. noax PCs have not disappointed us in this regard."more

Extreme environments

"We need extremely robust computer systems particularly designed for extreme environments that users can also operate error-free while wearing thick work gloves. …We originally had several industrial PCs to choose from,..."more

Rugged environment

“To make this system work well we need the rugged noax PCs to communicate with the trucks and cranes in this demanding environment…"more

Despite Soot and Sulphur

“Our production has become more transparent and productivity has increased considerably since the introduction of the noax IPCs.” more


"We simply wanted computers that functioned 24/! Availability is our top priority. If a computer malfunctions, it costs us much more than we paid for the computer.more