Ruggedized and Reliable Industrial PCs

Welcome to noax Technologies - 
Manufacturer of High-End Rugged Industrial Computers

noax Technologies sets the standards for rugged and industrial touchscreen computers that are  specifically engineered for harsh and hygienic environments. noax rugged computers have proven their dependable operation under daily shock, vibration, moisture, oil, dust and water. noax industrial computers  feature a  protection rating of IP65 (NEMA 4) and up to IP69K (NEMA 6). Manufactured with a completely sealed design, the industrial grade components inside each rugged PC come equipped with bright TFT displays and resistive analog industrial touchscreens. The all-in-one proprietary  mainboard from noax allows for greater efficiency. Above all, noax Technologies’ main focus is the reliability and quality of each rugged industrial computer.

The perfectly coordinated components combined with long service life ensure environmentally friendly production and manufacturing processes that conserve resources.

The challenge of managing and communicating data across different areas of your company is made simple thanks to noax rugged PCs which work with real-time processes and allow for easy networking. Companies in automation, food processing, pharmaceutical, logistics and other manufacturing industries have seen an unparalleled return on investment from the use of noax rugged industrial computers because of their longevity and high performance technology. The ease of integration into existing IT framework and compatibility with all conventional hardware and software systems makes noax rugged PCs an ideal solution. 

With over 20 years of experience, noax Technologies uses top industrial grade components and accessories to ensure durability. The option to upgrade as needed enhances the versatility of a noax rugged computer. noax industrial PCs stand out by offering high-computing power at low-levels of power consumption. Let noax help you discover a solution for your ruggedized PC needs!