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C12: Forklift Computer

for warehouse & logistics applications on forklifts & industrial conveyors

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Internal UPS/wireless networking

To ensure a high level of data security, the forklift terminal can be equipped with an integrated uninterruptible power supply (UPS). It circumvents short-term power outages and helps to maintain a constant flow of data. The integrated antennas of the noax forklift terminal enable a wireless connection. The antennas can also be mounted on the outside of the terminal. For example, on the vehicle roof. If WLAN is not available, then there is also the option of WWAN, such as UMTS.

Forklift terminals Gummiwerk Kraiburg data collection

High level of user comfort with the front USB

The easy-access USB connection on the front panel of the forklift terminal makes it possible to load data from a USB device or to connect another peripheral device. This can only occur if it has been approved for use ahead of time. The forklift terminal USB connection is protected in line with IP65 and can also be sealed with a rubber lip. No dirt, dust, or water can get inside the device.

Truck PC Iglo Harvester driver communication

Mobile safety module & nSMART

Additional occupational health and safety is provided on the forklift PC terminal in the form of the “ignition key function”. It can be configured via the noax nSMART software. For example, this allows you to deactivate the display and/or the control keys while the vehicle is in motion so that the driver can focus on the task at hand. Once the forklift stops, the driver will automatically be able to access the full range of forklift terminal functions again using the screen, touchscreen, control keys, keyboard, or peripheral devices.

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The forklift terminal

ideally suited for application on forklifts and industrial conveyors

The C12 meets the requirements of protection class IP65, making it water and dust-proof, and class 5M3, according to 60721-3-5:2004, which certifies it against shocks and vibrations. The compact size of the C12 forklift PC terminal leaves the driver with plenty of space to carry out their work comfortably and safely. Despite its diminutive dimensions, the 12” touchscreen is easy to operate, even when wearing gloves.

Application examples:

  • Order picking
  • Data recording
  • Safeguarding quality

C12 forklift terminal – technical data

12” forklift terminal – accessories

noax industrial computer C12 connector cover
Industrial PC noax C12
Forklift terminal noax connector cover mounted
Forklift terminal noax vesa assembly system
Stacker mounted noax C12 device holder
Industrial computer noax C12 device holder
Industrial computer noax C12 long-stroke keyboard
noax forklift terminal RFID multireader mounted
Touchscreen terminal noax touchpen
Touchscreen terminal noax device holder
Industrial PC noax Compact device holder
Forklift terminal noax assembly system
Forklift terminals noax C12
Forklift terminal noax C12 closed
Industrial computer noax C12 connector cover
noax connector cover with cable gland
noax forklift terminals with RFID reader
noax forklift terminal C12 with keyboard
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