Touchscreen panels built-in PC noax P15

P15: Touchscreen Panel PC

for installation in machines, switching cabinets, and more

P15 touchscreen panel PC - Images

Panel PC noax P15 left
Panel PCs noax P15 below
Installation PC noax P15 side
Panel PC touch screen noax P15 rear
Touch screen panels noax P15 front
Panel PC noax P15 right

Minimal installation depth – long service life

The minimal installation depth of just 96mm makes the touchscreen panel PC ideally suited for installation in machines, switching panels, control consoles, or switching cabinets. The use of high-quality industrial components gives it a long service life, even with 24/7 continuous operation.

noax PC Konditorei Stabinger

Highly flexible touchscreen panel PCs

The numerous interfaces make the noax panel PC an ideal industrial PC for integrating into your system. Old and new peripheral devices can be connected with ease. PCI or PCIe upgrade options give the touchscreen panel PC a high level of flexibility and adaptability.

Panel PC Aluminium Rheinfelden

Rugged in accordance with IP65, with V2A stainless steel front

noax panel PCs have a front plate made from V2A stainless steel, which protects the front side of the panel PC to protection class IP65. This makes it ideally suited for harsh production environments and applications that place high demands on hygiene or dirt resistance.

noax Touchscreen Panel PCs

for installation in machines and switching cabinets

In addition to the rugged design, the touchscreen panel PC is characterized by its ease of use, its exceptionally rugged touchscreen, and “nSMART”, the easy-to-use software for adjusting, monitoring, and analysis.

Application examples:

  • Machine control
  • Weighing products
  • Process visualization

P15 touchscreen panel PC – technical data