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C12: All-in-one industrial PC

for warehouse & logistics applications and production & manufacturing

Images - C12 all-in-one PC for industrial applications

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Industrial calculator noax C12 below
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Compact – reliable – vibration-resistant

The 12-inch all-in-one industrial PC is the perfect computer for mobile and flexible applications in small and tight spaces, thanks to its space-saving dimensions. The C12 all-in-one industrial PC is so compact and rugged that it can withstand all vibrations in production lines, on machines, and on industrial conveyors or forklifts.

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Rugged touchscreen – glove operation

The particularly rugged and durable touchscreen is simple and reliable to use, even when wearing gloves. The all-in-one industrial computer is equipped with a light sensor to automatically adjust display brightness, which makes for optimal operation in different lighting conditions, in the warehouse or strong sunlight.

Touch industrial PC C12

Certified quality – IP65 certificate

The water and dust resistance of the C12 all-in-one industrial PC has been tested and awarded an IP65 certificate by an external, independent lab. Its application areas and uses include logistics, industrial conveyors, or indoor and outdoor machines. noax is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. This ensures that our products, services, and processes are consistently high in quality.

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All in one industrial PC C12
All in One Computer C12 Application
All in one PC
All in one PC

The all-in-one PC

ideally suited for applications with limited space and mobile applications

The rugged and reliable design of the C12 all-in-one industrial PC allows it to carry out its tasks in harsh environments, 24/7. An internal UPS for mobile applications ensures that data flow is not interrupted in the case of voltage fluctuations. In doing so, it takes over tasks such as production data acquisition, personnel planning, and order picking.

Application examples:

  • Order picking
  • Data recording
  • Tracking reliability

C12 all-in-one PC – technical data

C12 all-in-one industrial PC – accessories

noax industrial computer C12 connector cover
Industrial PC noax C12
Forklift terminal noax connector cover mounted
Forklift terminal noax vesa assembly system
Stacker mounted noax C12 device holder
Industrial computer noax C12 device holder
Industrial computer noax C12 device holder
Industrial computer noax C12 long-stroke keyboard
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Touchscreen terminal noax touchpen
Touchscreen terminal noax device holder
Industrial PC noax Compact device holder
Touchscreen terminal table device holder
Touchscreen Terminal
Forklift terminal noax assembly system
Forklift terminals noax C12
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Industrial computer noax C12 connector cover
noax connector cover with cable gland
noax forklift terminals with RFID reader
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Industrial computer noax C12 keyboard holder
noax forklift terminal C12 with keyboard
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