Entrepôt & logistique

Maximum traceability ensure

With first-class products in the premium sector, it‘s hardly surprising that iglo frozen food is one of Germany‘s best-known brandsdetails

Priority: Stable WLAN

Customers judge a company on its performance. To provide specific forms and advertising…details

Automotive Logistics

Functional, high quality, ecological, and efficient – WITTE Automotive does achieve these visions in its products; and noax Industrial PCs make a fundamental contribution in the logistics department.details

Seamless data transfer

Schenker Deutschland AG is one of Germany’s leading logistics service providers and relies on rugged industrial computers by noax to ensure logistics processes can be carried out smoothly.details

Échange de données fiable et sans compromis

L'usine d'élastomères utilise les PC industriels et terminaux pour chariots élévateurs de noax avec une alimentation sans interruption (ASI) pour optimiser le flux de données dans la logistique. Grâce à leur fiabilité à toute...details

Rugged environment

“To make this system work well we need the rugged noax PCs to communicate with the trucks and cranes in this demanding environment…"details

Hundreds of tons

"When you transport goods weighing hundreds of tons on bumpy roads, the computers have to do their job until they no longer work. This can be a fairly long time."details


"Vibrations and shaking from the machine all day, not to mention the dirt. The computer is right next to the machine and runs no problem at all. I am constantly astounded."details

From concept to completion

noax industrial computers allow forklift operations to swiftly move products, relocate inventory, and prepare loads for shipment. details